Necessity is most certainly the mother of all invention, and no one sees the need for a better cup holder more than I do. Paying homage to my own name, the Maksimatic Cup Holder and all of the pertaining Maksimatic Systems were invented by someone who simply wouldn’t put up with the absurdity of the highly primitive technology still featured in our vehicles today.
Hi! My name is Maksim Ghyvoronsky. Welcome to the next logical step in cup holder technology. I am more than happy to help guide you through this process and would love to address any questions you may have.
The Maksimatic Bullet is the aftermarket version of our original concept, The Maksimatic Centrifugal & Gyroscopic Cup Holder.


Maksimatic cup holders deliver many benefits foreign to standard cup holders & any other current spill-preventing design

Just when you think that innovation in a cup holder couldn’t possibly get any better, it does, and with a great list of other features and benefits. It’s true, every convenience tends to come with an inconvenience. There are sometimes those rare inventions that challenge this rule in every way possible and the Maksimatic holder is no exception. We know about the Gimbal, we are certainly well aware of all of the other self-leveling designs & we especially know that Maksimatic is still not only entirely different than any of these but also, vastly superior because of how many features and benefits it offers.

First, lets begin with the issues seen with standard cup holders today:

1. They are stationary with the vehicle which causes the fluid to slosh side to side sometimes causing spillage depending on the effectiveness of the cap or any other features at top of cup/container.

2. The cups/containers are not only stationary, they are held from the bottom of the holder and depending on how high the holding walls are or how much grip against the cup they provide, the container itself can sometimes topple over especially during extreme braking or acceleration. This is usually because any standard cup holder forces the beverage being held to be top-heavy.

3. If there is a spill, cleaning generally requires a damp rag or any other cleaning agent to be brought into the car and cleaned there instead of being able to remove the unit with ease and rinse under a sink, for example.

4. Because beverages aren’t guaranteed to stay in the cup holder, especially during rapid changes in velocity, drivers tend to carry their beverages in their hands or in their lap which could distract them from driving. If beverage is held in hand, drivers are only left with one hand for the use of the steering wheel or for all other functions, instead of two hands which is far more ideal.

5. Because of the size of the cylindric openings which carry the beverage, drivers are generally forced to look over to ensure they insert into correct place usually requiring them to take eyes off the road.

6. Drinks are sometimes either too large to even fit into the cup holder at all or are too tall potentially causing discomfort or interference.

Benefits of the Maksimatic cup holder:

1. It allows beverage containers being carried to be free to move as changing forces would ask, and on a 360 degree-pivoting spherical upper member which is also the joint that allows not only the beverage to be at an angle when needed (up to 25 degrees), but also the top of fluid/liquid to be at angle as well. This limits the chances of spillage over top of cup walls to almost no chance of it happening especially if the drink isn’t full because the fluid is more evenly distributed against the walls. This also means the driver or passenger no longer needs to keep applying and removing cap from beverages.

2. Because the cup holder (male unit) sees to it that beverages are held from the top instead of the bottom and allows beverages to be bottom-heavy, this guarantees not only that the beverage container will not topple over but that it absolutely cannot come out of the holder during everyday driving as long as most of the mass falls below the center of gravity. Since beverage holder guarantees that beverages will remain in cup holder, this allows the driver to drive more worry-free without needing to think about the drink toppling over.

3. Because of the existence of a hollow cavity which allows beverages to tilt, Maksimatic Cup Holders avail a heating & cooling system for your beverages simply by utilizing the existing air duct system in any vehicle. A/C is typically used when it is hot outside generally resulting in a desire for a cold beverage anyway, and vice versa when cold outside.

4. The larger than typical diameter of the cup holder at the very top of cup holder upper portion/spherical bowl acts as a guide for drivers to be able to insert their beverage into holder without looking to the side as much, if even at all. The large diameter allows driver to keep their eyes on the road as often as possible and is yet another safety feature.

5. If there is a spill within the bowl (half spherical) portion of cup holder then unit can be removed and rinsed under sink and/or cleaned externally.

6. Either cup holder is immediately removable and stackable, one into the other, availing an additional holder capable of carrying up to a 2-liter bottled beverage giving drivers and passengers far greater variety with the beverages they carry whilst in their vehicle.

7. The removable spacer weights allow user the convenience of having their beverage be at virtually any height they deem convenient. Since the spacers are also weights they also make beverage being held even more bottom-heavy, hence forth, helping the holder swivel more smoothly.

8. Since the free-hanging holder is immediately removable, it is perfect for emergencies where fluid immediately needs to be released either from an object or even the driver or passengers. E.G. someone suddenly needs to vomit but vehicle is driving on freeway, the free-hanging unit is immediately available to use as “barf-bucket” As grotesque as this may sound, it is incredibly handy and innovative and solves yet another problem vehicle users  face daily.

Be sure to check out our “Reasons4Maksimatic” page for a compelling list of real-life reasons why these cup holders will truly change the game in beverage holders.