Maksimatic Bullet

Now with an unscrew-able base which reveals a flat, padded, adhering surface at the bottom of the shell allowing use on top of any flat surface. While our 3D printed prototypes are fully functional, they are not practical unless & until we can get these manufactured via plastic injection molding. Become a part of our journey to get these manufactured. We are constantly seeking investors. Imagine being a part of the next logical step in cup holder technology & being at the forefront of the very product behind it.

When the Maksimatic Cup Holder came out, it went viral. When everyone asked us how they can get one for their own vehicle, we created the Maksimatic Bullet. Today, it’s making some news of it’s own.

The Maksimatic Bullet is our response to the thousands of people who have asked us, “where in the world can I get one?”

Think of every pesky spill you have ever had in your car due to a sharp turn, sudden braking or quick acceleration. Now picture every single one of them, gone forever.
The Maksimatic Bullet is an aftermarket cup holder attachment which hosts a swiveling cup that hangs into a cavity, tilting up to about a 20 degree angle on a 360 degree joint. It essentially does everything that our original “Maksimatic” cup holder does. It is not only gyroscopic (which means it is auto-leveling) it is especially, centrifugal (which means it will tilt during rapid changes in velocity such as braking, sharp turns etc) It doesn’t really have the capacity of the original Maksimatic (which holds up to a 64 ounce beverage, but if you really need it, it does carry up to 32 ounces when the swiveling cup is removed, plus the removable cup holder can even act as a spill guard in your second holder, should it be necessary for any reason.During standard use, the maximum recommended beverage capacity for a paper coffee cup is 12 oz, this is because we want to ensure that your beverage is as bottom heavy as possible,  once again, the issue with our standard holders is they are far too TOP-HEAVY.

The maksimatic cup holder’s “Bullet” variant is simply incredible. It allows the user peace of mind: knowing that not only is their beverage unlikely to spill, it is especially and mostly, very unlikely to fall out either. As far as the falling out of unit itself is concerned, the adjustable base is coated with a rubberized material to help it grip itself into the holder as tightly as possible and to help prevent vibration and any unwanted noise. The base even unscrews revealing a padded, grippy bottom should you not need it and would rather place the upper portion on a flat surface (Maksimatic Bullet II)

Well, we’ve heard you loud and clear. The factory technology which we’ve been trying to market direct to the automakers, boat builders and plane builders themselves won’t be available until one of the decision makers finally pulls their head out of their ass, so we decided it is absolutely silly to make anyone wait. And we think you’d agree;)

Now you can experience the benefits of a Maksimatic Cup Holder without needing to purchase a vehicle with one factory installed. Stay tuned for these available on our store shortly. In the meantime, feel free to get in contact with us about one and we’ll be sure to get it to you asap.