Why Maksimatic?


As we begin this list, let’s be completely honest for a moment; everyone thinks their ideas, ways, methods, style, or anything else subject to decision is the best choice possible (or at least a good one). The person making the “wrong” or a “bad” decision would never do it knowingly, would they? probably not.

Here’s a compelling list of reasons why the world needs Maksimatic Cup Holders and why today’s holders simply will not suffice anymore:1. Because you can drive or park on a super steep hill (oh, sweet San Francisco!) without even worrying that your drink might topple over. As a matter of fact, your car will fall over before your drink does.
2. Because even your dad’s gimbal holder is left obsolete with it’s hinges.

3. Because if you spill a little over the edge (we all have), it’s just so much easier to rinse the removable holder under the sink than to bring a damp rag into the car for a wipe (although wiping your parts is very important, kids)
4. Because you only ordered a boiling hot latte, not also a boiling hot navigation system after needing to slam your brakes to avoid a collision while leaving the coffee shop drive-thru.
5. Because having your beverage move exactly as the vehicle moves (which is every standard cup holder’s dilemma) is exactly as silly as putting your opened can of soda in your pocket while you walk! We may not realize it, but the reason we carry our drinks in our hands while walking is to help us avoid spills because the movement of our mode of transport for beverages should differ from the mode of transport itself.

6. Because any other “spill-proof” design available still doesn’t have the cylindrical lower which keeps beverages 100% bottom-heavy.
7. “Because even doorknobs evolve, it’s about time the cup holder evolves as well.” -David Fortygin
8. Because anyone would prefer to not reapply their caps if they don’t need to.
9. Because the larger than typical diameter of the cup holder at the very top (which is funnel-like) acts as a guide for drivers and makes reinsertion much easier and without looking to the side as much (if even at all). This allows driver to keep their eyes on the road more and is yet another safety feature. Who doesn’t love easier reinsertion?
10. Because for goodness’ sake, even the fluid tilts while you’re turning! As if just the cup tilting isn’t enough.
11. Because you can’t insert your 64oz Slurpee into a standard, obsolete cup holder without worrying about it coming out to attack you and kill you. Maksimatic Holders will fit these with ease and have the deepest cylindric openings available.
12. Because cars in heaven will have Maksimatic Cup Holders.
13. Because our beverages are for drinking, not for spilling.
14. Because we shouldn’t need to take our eyes off the road, even if it is to re-insert our beverage.
15. Because standard cup holders have only addressed issues associated with the beverage container, but nothing to address potential issues with the fluid inside. Maksimatic Holders address more aspects.
16. Because there are still far too many vehicle accidents caused by inadequacy of technology in cup holders.
17. Because standard cup holders can’t actually guarantee to “hold” your drink. It is theoretically impossible, however, to have a beverage fall out of a Maksimatic Holder while driving under common circumstances including light vehicle incidents.
18. Because cup holders have been upside down for decades.
19. Because a Maksimatic cup holder would put any other cup holder to shame with just one of its features or benefits. Maksimatic has over a dozen novel features or benefits.
20. Because Maksimatic cup holders are unique enough to engender the name “cup hangers” since the radically different design actually holds beverages from the top instead of the bottom. All other cup holders will still be called “cup holders”.
21. Because Maksimatic cup holders hold a far greater variety of sizes than a standard holder: from the slimmest energy drink can to a very large 64oz juice bottle/container or 2-liter bottle of soda
22. Because even if you drive so aggressive that your beverage would lift up out of the holder itself, the unique design will still help make sure that the beverage and beverage holders land back into their original positions for added safety. Who has taken it even close to this far in cup holder technology?
23. Because although the cavity underneath the cup holders is designed for the movement and tilting of the cup holders, it is still a fairly large cavity which means a holder for your kitten? a hiding place for your goodies? (all within easy reach since this is where your cup holders are placed). The possibilities are endless although accommodating designs would be best left to the automaker’s imagination!
24. Because the half-sphere circling the top of the Maksimatic cup holder acts as a splash guard with good width and substantial height, effectively protecting your interior from spills.
25. Because with the Maksimatic cup holder you are even able to choose how high (or low) your drink sits within the holder, should you desire it to be at a very specific height!
26. Because of the unique nature of the cavity involved, an effective beverage heating & cooling system could be availed simply by using the existing air duct vent system.
27. Because the holders themselves hang only by gravity and are easily interchangeable, the owner could easily switch to any color or texture they deem fit (ex: stainless steel finish instead of matte red or gloss plastic etc)
28. Because your car will tip over before your beverages do.
29. Because safety should never be optional.
30. Because Maksimatic Cup Holders provide 25X360 degree, tilting & velocity-shifting protection, while a standard cup holder provides 0X0 degrees of tilt protection (should we just call it like it is and say “no protection”?)

31. Because it just looks way cooler to have your drinks swivel around while you are turning, braking or accelerating.
32. Because they hold a 2-liter bottle of soda and a regular cup holder does not.


Write us any time from the contact page with any questions or inquiries you may have (this list is regularly being updated).