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Louis Rolen


Key Issues leading to overspending and delays in construction

Completion of construction projects according to their original plan is the primary concern of every project manager and project owner in the construction industry. There are...

Popular Ph.D. Programs at Asia Pacific University

Asia pacific university is one of the most prestigious higher educational institutes in Malaysia, which has achieved a significant position in international rankings. It is specifically...

Why should you Prefer Lipomassage Treatment over Liposuction?

Obesity has become an epidemic in different parts of the world. The United States of America, certain European countries, and the United Arab Emirates are the...

Best Study Programs in USW Dubai for International Students

The University of South Wales is one of the most reputed higher educational institutes in the United Kingdom. The institute offers admission to international students across...

A Guide on Document-Centric Business Process Management

Different companies opt for different business process management systems (DC BPM). There are three types in which BPMs are broadly categorized. The businesses where most of...

Why is Europe Best Choice to Continue Higher Education?

Europe is the most successful and developed regions of the world. It will not be wrong to say that the progress of the region makes...

How Internal Audit Boosts Corporate Control?

Auditing is one of the most important parts of any business organization. It ensures the smooth flow of financial and other affairs which contribute to the...

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