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A Guide on Document-Centric Business Process Management

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Different companies opt for different business process management systems (DC BPM). There are three types in which BPMs are broadly categorized. The businesses where most of the work revolves around document management, the preferred and most suitable BPM, is the document centric Business process management (DC BPM).

This article aims to introduce you to the Document centric business process management system.

Document-centric business process management: A beginner’s guide

The three categories of business process management are document centric, integration centric, and human-centric. While the role of human beings and the importance of integration is not any less at any stage in business processes, some organizations can benefit the most from document centric system.

Some questions to shed light on DC BPM and what it really is, are answered as follows: 

1. What is DC BPM?

Document centric processes are those in which documents play the most important role in adding value to the operations of an organization. If you own a business that deals with law, engineering, contract management, or any other kind of reporting cannot carry out any task without dealing with documents.

It is a solution that can improve the workflow process in your organization with the help of modern devices like those provided by Xerox printers to help visualize the work processed standardize the documentation of the organization.

2. What is the functional structure of DC BPM?

DC BPM and its structure are easy to understand. It starts from an input document, which is then managed, or converted to a viewable format before management. In the meanwhile, the mission-critical system works on the document being managed.

Workflow and communication also play a key role in the management of the document under the management process. Once all the operations on the document are done with, you print a document and deliver it to the authorized party.  

3. Which organizations opt for DC BPM?

Organizations involved in the law, clinical and medical reports, or those involved in procurement processes need to indulge in DC business process management systems. These organizations, with the help of DC BPM, are able to formalize their documentation and lay a standard framework for flow and dissemination of all the information via documentation.

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4. How DC BPM improves business processes?

Document centric business process management optimizes the work process and improves its efficiency. It does so with the help of an improved level of understanding of the flow of information and documentation pertaining to it.

 You get to formalize and visualize all the outputs and activities so as to avoid any inconveniences. It enables your workplace to improve the procedures by standardizing the system of documentation.

5. What are the common activities included in document-centric process?

Document centric process includes activities like a transcription of informational documents for integrating them with the business workflow systems. It also includes scanning of images and reviews and approval of documents. 

It also enables a system for electronic for filling, signature gathering, and image collection through a set of specialized devices.

6. Are there any benefits of Document centric BPM?

Document centric business process management has benefits to offer for businesses that deal with documents and depend on their handling to a big extent. This BPM tool adds to the efficiency and intuitive abilities of your workplace.

These are enabled by good quality printing devices like those supplied by Xerox printers for the benefit of the modern workplace and ensures high productivity. It does so by enhancing the level of transparency, agility and traceability in the workplace.   

Optimize your business workflow with DC BPM

DC BPM has a lot of potentials to offer for your organization if you want to optimize the processes and improve workflow management. You will need to invest in high-quality multi-function devices for document management. You can order these with a reputable company supplying Xerox printers so as to ensure efficient implementation of the BPM system.

You will also need to take your employees in the loop for a full-fledged implementation if you are seeking optimization of workflow. To achieve an ideal work process, you need to involve top management, filed managers and IT specialists of your organization. All these parties will help you get the desired output-delivery process for document management in your document centric workplace.

You will be able to learn and disseminate the working knowledge of tools and techniques which have the potential to ease the burden out for the employees but are seldom under discussion. Buy high-quality devices for document management and keep the entire workforce regardless of the designation on the same page throughout the improvement process.

You will thus be successful in optimizing your workplace practices, with higher efficiency of work and an increased level of transparency in the flow of information. 

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