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What are the top 5 reasons that SEO agencies are unable to help small businesses?

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With technology advancing rapidly, it’s a challenge for most companies to catch up on new trends and updates within the industry. Some fail to do so because they don’t have the resources to adapt to these changes. Plus, more number of firms try collaborate with SEO agencies. But sometimes they don’t fulfill the needs of small businesses.

For successful business SEO in one specialized method; Because it generate free organic kind of traffic to your site. SEO is long term process; so people consider hiring digital marketing agency to support them.

But because of search engine frequent updates, Some SEO agencies is still stick with old technique that no longer work currently.

When you are a small business owner, it is important to recognize these kind of flaws. This can be the reason why SEO agencies might not find you a result for your site. To get you on top of your game, here are some reasons you should consider before you decide to choose digital marketing service:

1. They Have Absolutely No Idea What They Are Doing

So first and foremost is the obvious – though many companies consider themselves as an SEO agency; half the time they are still using the same SEO tactics from 10 years ago.

It’s absolutely necessary for an SEO agency to keep up with the quick changes Google makes on a daily basis. Otherwise, you are paying them money (which is what all they care for) and receiving crappy results on your end.

2. Does Not Provide You With Any Reports

Important thing is to read their fine lines first; before considering them to support us. Ask for the contract up front – this is a great way to make sure the SEO company is expected to do what you are looking for and what they will not do. One vital thing is that before getting into contract with SEO agencies read report agreements properly.

Why report agreement is important, Because it is essential to track your growth like traffic, popularity and even sales. Report agreement is important for successful SEO campaign. You want these reports; so make sure you are getting what you need from the get-go.

3. Salesman Sold You False Results

So you were thinking of hiring an SEO agency, but the person who convinced you to hire one is most likely their account manager and salesman.

He or she probably also knows nothing about SEO or only does a bit of it for their company. You, as a client, have all these expectations of this SEO company you just hired but in the end, you get nothing like what was promised.

Salespeople are an expert in over-promising and under-delivering; that’s why they got hired in the first place. The best way to avoid this is to make sure you are speaking to an actual SEO expert and not making any deals with their front-runner sales guy. To get realistic timelines and goals speak with your SEO representative.

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4. Do Not Use Social Media Engagement

To increase your brand visibility social media is one of the best place and also it has potential to generate leads. Those who running SEO campaign without proper social media technique they are missing out opportunity to do more business.

Social media platforms are great outbound. It will help your site to get more outbound links to content of your site. More outbound leads to more traffic and audience to your content by sharing in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. It’s a way to maximize your SEO efforts and grow as a whole.

You should definitely be paying attention to SEO agencies that do promise to use social media in their tactics.

5. Horrible Communication

This is very necessary – with AI on the rise, sometimes it’s hard to speak to an actual human being. If you are considering to hire an SEO agency, make sure they are easy to contact.

Whether it’s making themselves easily accessible by phone, text, or email – they should be ready to answer any quick questions you may have for them instantly.

You are essentially handing the success of your business to an agency after all. The least they can do is be communicative.

It’s always great to know the agency you hire will let you know when a plan has fallen through or if something has changed; always check in with your SEO companyin Coimbatore and their efforts.

6. No New Content

It’s imperative to always be creating new content and information to your site in order to maintain rankings and increase customers. When you hire an SEO company, it’s typically on a long-term basis. Always good to check in on them on a monthly basis to ensure this part is still up-to-date.

7. Easily Can Scam You Into Hiring Them

SEO takes time and patience, which most of the time businesses and entrepreneurs don’t.  So they stick with easy options and will hire SEO firm. At the end of the day SEO agency really not care about your business only about your money. So, before jumping the gun and hiring SEO companies, think about if it’s really worth it.

The sad reality is most of these companies convince you to work with them long term, and after a month or so, you might not see the results you want but are stuck to paying them anyway. Therefore, if you stop seeing results after a month or so, it may be time to move on.

Incase if you badly need the additional support with SEO, do not compromise on hiring true SEO experts to support you get the results. Not all SEO companies are sharks and frauds.

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