Working at Heights FAQ’s

Below are a few commonly asked questions regarding Working at Heights and the Working at Heights refresher training applications.

How long can be a Working at Heights certification valid for?

To be able to maintain your working at Heights training certificate legal, you have to have a refresher training in 3 decades of the date of successfully finishing a CPO -accredited working at heights plan.

Is working at heights training required in Ontario?


Working At Heights is a compulsory requirement in accordance with the Ministry of Lab our in Ontario in case your employees are operating in heights of 3 meters or longer.

Working At Heights training must only be obtained via a Ministry of Lab our-approved training supplier. Read Safety Tips for Working at Heights before starting job in working at heights.

What is considered working at heights?

Working at heights signifies working at a location where a individual could fall some space that would be likely to cause injury.

You’re working at height should you operate over ground/floor degree, could fall out of a border, or may fall through a opening.

What are the Ministry of Labor’s requirements for Safety work on heights training?

297/13 requires companies to make sure that employees on construction projects successfully finish a functioning at heights training curriculum if they could use defined methods of fall protection.

Who’s working at Heights for?

  • Educate employees on the risks of working at heights and also the way to steer clear of hazards and prevent injuries.
  • Educate all employees the appropriate theory and sensible working at heights coaching.
  • Demo fall protection gear available.

This training requirement is at the Occupational Health and Safety Awareness and Training Legislation, and is also to training requirements under the Building Regulation.

Working at Heights coaching Isn’t Just for the building industry but additionally.

What’s involved with the Working at Heights Refresher Training Course?

The Working at Heights refresher course entails similar training facets to the Working at Heights course.

  • Personal fall protection gear
  • Barriers, guardrails and safety features
  • Practical presentations
  • Fall space calculations
  • Anchor factors
  • Function placement systems
  • Work accessibility platforms and equipment
  • Rescue planning

Employers will need to make sure that workers finish working at Heights Training and Working at Heights Refresher Courses which have been accepted by the Chief Prevention Officer (CPO) and delivered with a licensed training provider before they could work at heights.

Can there be a sensible portion involved in Working at Heights training?

Absolutely. With most working at heights coaching applications, both a concept (classroom) part and a sensible percentage are given to be able to provide participants with real life scenarios.

With practical WAH instruction, pupils learn on real increased work programs such as potential dangers they may find on a worksite.

What’s contained in the theory part of Working at Heights training?

The concept aspect of working at heights comprises:

  • Rights and Duties
  • Identification of the Hazards of Working in Heights
  • Removing or Controlling the Risks of Working in Heights
  • Caution Procedures and Physical Assistants
  • Ladders and Similar Equipment
  • Personal Fall Protection Equipment You must Attain an 80 percent or greater on the written test so as to effectively complete the Program.

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