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Best Study Programs in USW Dubai for International Students

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The University of South Wales is one of the most reputed higher educational institutes in the United Kingdom. The institute offers admission to international students across the globe. However, it’s a big challenges of accommodating completely. It is specifically popular among Asian students, as well as those belonging to the Middle Eastern countries of the world.

The institute has now opened the doors of its Dubai campus for international students, especially targeting south Asian and middle eastern students. UAE is like a second home for the Pakistani students who are quite enthusiastic about studying in British institutes. Students are acquiring the help of Sigma Education Consultants to secure their admission.

This article will help you explore some of the best study programs at the University of South Wales Dubai campus is offering to international students.

Why prefer the University of South Wales (USW) Dubai campus?

The University of South Wales has started the Dubai campus keeping in view the strategic position and importance of the region in the world. The course programs offered by the campus also align with the global requirement of the region. It will not only provide education to the students but the opportunity of establishing a career in the global hub of the world.

Top 4 Postgraduate Courses USW Dubai Offers to Foreign Students

Dubai campus of the University of South Wales follows the standards and quality of education on the main campus. The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), which is the official education quality regulation authority in the UAE, has also approved the institute. So, it is well prepared to provide a research-based educational atmosphere for international students.

The following are the top postgraduate courses at the University of South Wales Dubai campus is offering to the international students.

1.   Aviation Engineering and Management

The very first post-graduate course, the USW Dubai campus is offering is aviation engineering and management. The course duration is two years, and IELTS is a basic admission requirement for international students.

The students will be able to learn the distinctive courses like Aircraft Management Operations, Human Engineering, Safety, Health, and Environmental Engineering Management and Lean Maintenance Operations and Certification. It will prepare them well for a professional career.

2.   Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is gaining immense importance in this technologically advanced era. Therefore, the campus is offering a post-graduate course in cybersecurity to help the students prepare well for the future. The course duration is two years, with IELTS as a basic admission requirement.

The major courses included in the program are Network Security, Incident Response and Incident Management, Cyber and Digital Investigations, and Project Management and Research Methodology.

3.   International Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The UAE is also the corporate hub of the world, which is getting stronger with every passing day. Dubai campus of USW is also offering a post-graduate course in international logistics and supply chain management. It is meant to polish the skills of the students and help them establish a sound career in the field.

The students will be able to learn about Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Strategic Operations Management and Operational Research, Commercial Relationships, and Globalization of Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

4.   Strategic Procurement Management

One of the most important postgraduate courses, the University of South Wales Dubai campus, is offering to international students is strategic procurement management. The duration of the course program is the same as others, i.e., two years. The course program will enable the students to understand the market structure and establish their careers in the field.

The course program will polish the skills of students in areas like Purchasing Principles and Management, Commercial Relationships, Advanced Procurement, and Strategic Operations Management and Operational Research.

Wondering how to secure your admission in the University of South Wales?

The basic requirement of admission is passing the English language test i.e., IELTS. Besides this, the previous educational record of the students will also impact their admission. Most of the time, students fail to secure their admission at the international institutes due to the failure of meeting the basic criteria.

Do not make any such mistake, and if you are nervous about it, it is best to acquire professional help. You can consult the services of Sigma Education Consultants in Pakistan and acquire support in meeting the admission requirements. By trusting the experts, you can secure your admission, as well as gain assistance in settling upon arrival in the destination country.

So, start preparing for your international education career now and do not hesitate to take professional help in case of any confusion or difficulty.

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