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9 Factors to Take a Note of While Buying Window AC

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An air conditioner (AC) has been one of the best innovations to have taken place in the home segment. The device is a one-time investment to cool off your room instantly when there is increased heat and humidity outside. The biggest benefit of an AC is that it can work under any temperature and conditions to keep you comfortable. However, when it comes to buying an AC, you may come across a split and a window AC. The basic difference between the two is that a split AC comes with two units internal and external with the internal unit installed inside and external outside the room. On the other hand, a window AC comes with the internal and the external unit in a single unit. The indoor side is fixed over a window to keep the room cool with the external side facing its directions outside.

Compared to a split AC, a window AC is an affordable option as it can help you keep you cool and yet save up to Rs.5,000. Nonetheless, when it comes to buying a window AC, you need to consider a few points from AC buying guide to choose the best brand according to your requirements and enjoy efficient cooling. Go through this post and know more!

  • Size of the room

No matter if you are buying a split or a window AC, you must be aware of the size of the room to bring home the best fit. It would be good to buy a 1 ton AC if you want to set it in a small room, and its capacity should be above 1.5 ton if in a medium to a large room. Installing an AC with a lower capacity will strain the device to consume more power units and lead to a higher electricity bill.

  • Installation

To ensure that your AC is able to provide you with efficient cooling, you need to install it properly. Your window AC is a compact set with attached internal and external units which needs to be put or linked to your window properly. Thus, the best thing would always be getting your AC being installed by experts or an authorized engineer by your manicuring company. You should know that one of the key performance aspects of a window AC depends on a good or bad installation.

  • Noise

The noise level in a window AC is always higher than a split AC, and it may disturb your sleep. An AC with noise capacity within 50dB should be fine.      

  • Energy efficiency

Buying a window AC with at least 4-5 Star BEE Ratings should be your goal so that you may save up to 15-25% on power bills.

  • Copper condenser coils

You should ensure that your window AC is fitted with copper condenser coils. It can help you enjoy the best-in-class cooling performance without higher power consumption.

  • Easy to clean filters

If you can keep the AC filter cleaned, then you can save up to 5-10% energy. Filters are available in an AC to keep your room free from multiple pollutants. Hence, in turn, you should also clean it so that your air conditioner keeps working for years to come.

  • Air swing

It would also be suggested to check the air swing capacity of your window AC. It will help you know if it is able to do that or not to cool your room without issues.

  • Always buy from a known brand

Buying a window AC from a reputed brand is another thing to do. It will help you not only get efficient cooling but even best after-sales services in case of any issues./

  • Compare and then buy

You may find multiple models of various brands in a price bucket, and it may confuse you which one to buy. Thus, the best thing would be to compare all models and their prices at one place on a third-party site to pick the best deal matching your needs and budget and you can also check best espresso machine 2020

You can start following the discussed tips so that you may bring home the best window AC and enjoy comfortable and energy-efficient cooling for many summers to come.    

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