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Different Kinds of Refrigerators

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Small Refrigerator

You may not realize it, but there is a small refrigerator for you. There are a whole lot of best single door refrigerators available in the country, which can be picked up at low costs.

These go by a few different names and can offer all the features and convenience you want, but in the amount of space your home or business can manage. Rather than sacrifice precious floor space, consider purchasing one of these small refrigerator models.

Apartment Refrigerators

Although they aren’t necessarily the smallest of small refrigerators, apartment units are designed specifically for limited space. These tall appliances provide maximum capacity, but a slightly smaller overall size. Many common models feature the traditional top freezer, bottom refrigerator layout.  

There are models that are entirely refrigerator with no freezer compartment. This is ideal if you have a freezer compartment or simply do not use one. However, in a family situation, a freezer may be a necessity to keep food preserved for longer periods of time.

Mid Size Refrigerators

A mid size model is a small refrigerator that is even more compact than the apartment model. The capacity will vary, but mid size units are ideal for even tighter spaces. Fitting enough food for an entirely family will be difficult, but one or two people could use a mid size unit without too much trouble.

There are a few different designs, including traditional top freezers, side by side door, and all refrigerator models. The mid size refrigerator is also very versatile in terms of color options. Some manufacturers offer standard white while others produce chrome, black, and combination color models.

Built In and Under the Counter Refrigerators

Sometimes a good way to save space is to learn to fit appliance in between existing counters and cabinets. Under the counter and built in models are small refrigerators that can be installed so that they fit in with your cabinets and counter. These are excellent for filling in spaces for maximum efficiency in the kitchen.Commercial models are often used in bars and restaurants for beverage or food storage. Some commercial under the counter refrigerators are equipped with wheels so they can be moved from one area to another easily. 

They are also often constructed with glass front doors for quick viewing of contents. Most domestic units are intended to be stationary and do not come with the same mobility or clear doors. These small refrigerators are also available in many colors, including black, chrome, and white.

Mini Refrigerators

Most people think of mini units when they are looking for a small refrigerator. These are generally very small, with a very limited capacity. The upside is that they are extremely space friendly. 

Some models are entirely refrigerators while others feature a top freezer with a separate door. Most mini refrigerators do not come with all the same features as their full sized counterparts, but they can function very well.  These are generally recommended as spare food storage appliances or beverage coolers.

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