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Killer useful tips to increase the life of your inverter battery

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Power Cut is a major problem to be stirred on a daily basis. These obstacles last for hours and can lead to anger and irritation, especially in summer season. Fortunately, alternatives are available that can deliver a significant energy for all our electronic systems. Inverters are the finest option for long power supply during power cuts whereas being reliable, safe and valuable. The backbone of an inverter is its battery that makes it run for a longer period of time.

The battery is responsible for a long life and better performance of an inverter, as it is the power source of inverter. So, it is important to keep your inverter batter maintained carefully just like any other home appliance in your home. The better the maintenance of the batter, the better the power supply during power cuts. Here in this article, we’ve compiled a list of tips that you can follow to increase the life of your inverter battery. You can follow these tips and make your inverter battery long lasting and performing well.

  • Install inverter in a ventilated area

Make it possible to always install your inverter within a well-ventilated region. When loading and operating, the inverter batteries heat up easily, which reduces its life. An airy location decreases batteries temperatures and keep them working well. The frequent water topping requirements are also reduced. Install your inverter in an airy room and see how battery heat is reduced significantly.

  • Use inverter regularly

After installation of the inverter, guarantee the frequent use of the battery. If there are no or less frequent power cuts in your region, you have to unload the battery once each month and then recharge it. It should be done often to keep the supply of the electric current in the battery. If there are frequent power cuts, then you don’t have to worry, your inverter battery will automatically manage to work efficiently.

  • Keep safe from fire and smoke

If you don’t manage the battery of your inverter closely, it can turn to be a highly dangerous object. It should therefore be your primary problem to install the inverter only where kids in your house are unable to reach it. Ensure that the device functions in a location where flame and other hazards are less exposed. Keep the electrical inverter stay away from fire and smoke. These electrical devices are recommended to be kept in an extremely safe place, away from fire. This could lead to unnecessary flashes, sparks and safety risks for the batteries.

  • Keep the battery terminals clean

It is also your duty to keep the battery terminals corrosion free.  If you see corrosion in the terminals of your inverter battery use a toothbrush to clean them with warm water + baking soda DIY remedy.  When the terminals become safe of rust, add oil or Vaseline on to ends, caps and bolts to prevent potential damage. This removes corrosion effectively for a long period of time. Current stream to and from the battery reduces rusting terminals. The restricted flow of current contributes to a delayed charge of the battery which leads to reduced lives and efficiency of the battery.

These are the best ways that you can follow to keep the inverter battery in a good working condition. If you are still unable to keep your inverter battery maintained, then you can approach Carry India for the best Inverter Battery Maintenance Service in Delhi.

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