3 Free Best Video Downloading Applications for Android Users

You need to elevate your standards of entertainment with the right applications. When you own an android phone or device, make sure that you have the finest applications installed on them. The right applications can make your working and overall lifestyle easy, entertaining and efficacious.

Now many people love to stream and download videos and movies, right? What if you do not have the right apps to do that? You might have to watch videos by asking others or taking movies from your friend’s right? That would be too tedious and embarrassing to do. What if you have an app that gives you access to all the videos and movies to stream and download for free? Of course, android has manifold options for you if you are ready to grip them. Have a look at three best and free apps below:


AVD or Android video Downloader is a good and useful application that has an extensively easy to use interface. The platform allows the users to download any kind of videos from different types of websites or platforms. You can watch and download any kind of flash videos in the absence of any hassle. The video application prices nothing and you can easily and quickly browse videos and download them inside the application. It is true that the application does not permit the users to download the videos from YouTube but again, all other types of video and movie platforms can be accessed without any problem.

Vidmate app 

This is another good and useful application for video lovers. you can find variety of videos and movies through this app. the application is linked with so many video oriented platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Dailymotion, YouTube, Metacafe and so on. You can search the stuff in the app and all the results from manifold platforms would be there for you to watch and download. This HD video application is free to download from its official website. Vidmate apps will definitely elevate your video watching and downloading experience. And also remember you can choose the formats and resolutions too in the realm of this app. Not to forget that Vidmate is easy to use because of its excellent user friendly interface and it is really speedy because of its speed oriented features.

Media Clip Pro

Media clip pro is also another amazing app that is loved by users.  The app allows you to get the most professional approach in experiencing the preferred videos anywhere at any time. The users can comfortably download any type of media like that of videos, documents, photos, and also different music documents. You can easily save the streamed videos that can also be there for you to watch later in the offline mode too.  The application is easy to use and has features that make it really good and refined. Moreover, everything is organized in a way that you get them without any extra efforts. Of course, the application is free of cost and you can get it from its official website. 


So, when are you going to introduce these three powerful applications in your life?

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