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How To Take Care of Your Daily Contact Lenses

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Wearing contact lenses serves numerous benefits. These give you a clear vision, keep your eyeglasses away, allow you to wear eye makeup, and helps to perform physical activities without any irritation in eyes. Also, contact lenses need special care to keep your eyes healthy and vision perfect.

Whether you are wearing cheap contact lenses or daily contact lenses, you need to pay attention to lens hygiene factors. Otherwise, you have to struggle with an eye infection, redness, irritation, and many more issues.

Therefore, we have outlined some tips for care from the books of the American Optometric Association. Following them will help to reduce eye infection chances for the first time wearer and regular wearer.

What you will learn here:

  • Contact Lenses Cleaning Tips
  • Wash Your Handing Before Wearing or Removing Lenses
  • Use The “Rub And Rinse” Method
  • Do Not Store Lenses into Water
  • Keep Lenses Away From Saliva
  • Contact Lenses Solution Related Tips
  • Always Use Fresh Solution
  • Keep Contact Solution in A Proper Container
  • Keep Bottle Tip Sterile
  • Avoid Contact Lens Direct Connect With Water
  • Do Not Bypass Replacing Time
  • Go With Recommended Cleaning And Storage Guidelines
  • Bottom Line

Contact Lenses Cleaning Tips

Proper contact lenses cleaning is the first step toward lens hygiene. Therefore, we have highlighted some tips to save eyes from infection and harmful bacterias:

l Wash Your Hands Before Wearing or Removing Lenses

Before wearing or removing contact lenses, it is important to wash your hands with soap that must be free from oils, lotions, and perfumes. Then use a lint-free towel or napkin to dry your hands.

l Use The “Rub And Rinse” Method

The next step is to rub your lenses with fingers to properly clean. Remember, you must use fingertips only not a sharp object like nail or tweezers, etc. Then risen lenses with a good quality solution.

l Avoid Lenses Storage into Water

Storing lenses into water is not a proper way to sterilize, even if you are using purified water. The best trick to store lenses is to use contact lenses solution only.

l Keep Lenses Away From Saliva

People that have a lack of awareness use saliva to clean their lenses. We recommend you do not fall into their trap. This is the most unhygienic and dangerous way to clean contact lenses. It will keep you uncomfortable, even if you are wearing the best contact lenses.

Contact Lenses Solution Related Tips

A contact lens solution helps you to clean your lenses properly. Therefore, its choice and proper care are essential to get healthy eyes and save from infection.

l Always Use Fresh Solution

Always take fresh solutions while filling solutions in lenses container. An old solution in the container have higher chances of containing harmful bacterias that can make your eyes red. Even do not use the solution if it is expired. The effectiveness of sterilization deteriorates.

l Keep Contact Solution in A Proper Container

A contact solution in proper containers helps to serve better than in a large solution bottle. Even if you are traveling, keep small containers in your handbag and another into a traveling bag. This will also keep you on the safe side from leakage.

l Keep Bottle Tip Sterile

The best way of using the solution is to keep your solution tip sterile. Do not allow any object or surface to touch it. This can affect its sterilization capacity.

Some Other Contact Lenses Care Tips

l Avoid Contact Lens Direct Connect With Water

Direct contact of lenses with water can create sight-threatening conditions such as a corneal ulcer. All these happen due to bacterial contamination of your eye while you are in swimming pools, oceans, lakes, hot tubs, or under showers. Even water has an Acanthamoeba organism that when attached to lenses, can cause infected and inflamed. Some times wearer meet with permanent vision loss. Therefore, do not ignore such situations and remove lenses before going underwater.

l Do Not Bypass Replacing Time

Some users intentionally or unintentionally bypass contact lenses replacing schedule. But wearing contact after the expiry date can really be dangerous. It can build up bacterias that create irritation and inflammation. Therefore, it is essential to reorder your lenses before the expiry. You can also consult with an ophthalmologist for expert advice regarding changing contact lenses’ vision.

l Go With Recommended Cleaning And Storage Guidelines

Always follow the close recommendation that your ophthalmologist or contact lenses manufacturer gives regarding a particular lens. Following them with the help of your healthy eyes. Some of the highly recommended guidelines are:

  • Always user solution to sterilize lenses
  • Do not wash the case with water.
  • Sometimes leave the case in the open air to let it dry properly
  • Replace the case once in two months and never use a damaged case. It can harm your lenses and solution can be leaked.

Bottom Line

The above tips will help you to keep your contacts away from infections and eyes free from major issues. But remember, do not store your contact lenses for more than 30 days as no solution can be a worthy choice for storing extended lenses. It will be better to choose daily disposable contact lenses. In case you are suffering from any problem like tearing, pain, blurry vision, redness or swelling, consult immediately with an eye specialist.

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