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Is Cervical Decompression Surgery Cost-Effective in India?

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No other country provides Cervical Decompression treatment at a cost lower than the price in India. The Cervical Decompression Surgery Cost in India is USD 4,400. Comparing to 128,000 US Dollars the rate of treatment in the US, and USD 80,000 the price of spinal decompression surgery in the UK, you can imagine yourself the amount of money you can save by undergoing the treatment in India.

Also, over 98% of the spinal surgeries performed in the country are successful. The neuro & spine surgeons in the country expertise in providing a solution for even the most complicated cases both for the adults, and the children. 

Most countries can provide treatment for pediatric cases when the spinal cord is still under development. However, not all can deal with adult cases and serve them with a successful solution. 

Is it Safe To Undergo Spinal Decompression Surgery?

As already discussed, the success rate of Spinal Decompression Surgery is very high. However, no surgical process can be without risks. There are some or other complications involved. 

There can be risks involved in the treatment, but the chances are rare, especially if you are planning for the surgery in India. It is because you get to avail the cervical decompression surgery under highly qualified and experienced medical professionals.

Even if there is a possibility, the most common types of post-surgical risks involve:

  • Oesophagus
  • Problems with swallowing, generally known as dysphagia
  • The most complicated issue can be larynx nerve damage, that is the issue in the voice box
  • Dural Tear or C5 palsy
  • Myelopathy
  •  Swelling of the wall in the Pharynx, etc.

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These side-effects are not dangerous if cured on time. However, you may have to face significant issues, if your doctor cannot help you in subsiding the post-surgical side-effects immediately. Myelopathy and oesophagus can even be fatal, as they interfere with the primary functions of the body.
It is one of the significant reasons apart from the cost of treatment that the patients choose to undergo spinal surgery in India. The surgeons in the country not only take care of the patient during the surgery but also provide effective post-surgical care.  The patient is given proper guidance for the recovery once he is out of the operation theatre. A complete medical team is there for the assistance of the patient. All the tips are given for the schedule of medication, physiotherapy to be practised during the recovery period, and other care to be taken.For a few days, the patient is made to stay in the hospital to check if there are any side-effects after the surgery as each patient responds differently to the surgery. 

Final Words:

So, the low Cost of Cervical Decompression Surgery India is one of the reasons that is attracting the vast number of patients to the country but, a surgery without complications is even more convincing. Any patient avails the surgery to overcome the pre-existing pain, and not to bear the complications even after undergoing the treatment.

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