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Is Punching a Heavy Bag an Intense Cardio Workout?

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Punching a heavy bag is one of the most prominent practices to build up muscles and to become a professional boxer. As many people use punching bags for training and practice for boxing. At the same time, some people use is for workout. Because punching a heavy bag proves to be the best workout.  

Punching a heavy bag engages the whole body and requires a lot of force and pressure. Thus, people consider it as one of the amazing exercises for weight loss. Meanwhile, a frequently asked question here arises, is it worth using a punching bag? Is punching a heavy bag an intense cardio workout?

The answer to this question is “Yes”, punching a heavy bag is an intense cardio workout. Hitting a punch requires a lot of effort, energy, and force, also it engages the whole body in punching. When a person continuously hit the punching bag it can help in various ways.

Punching a heavy bag helps in weight loss, as well as helps muscle building. Although punching a heavy bag is considered as the best workout as compared to other exercises. Punching a heavy bag can burn up to 350 to 550 calories per hour, which is not possible with any other exercise.

The reason that it helps to burn this number of calories within an hour makes it an intense cardio workout. Punching a heavy bag engages both upper and lower body in punching and kicks respectively, so it helps losing weight faster. Also, a lot of power and energy is required for punching, which in return helps building-up muscles.

A Complete Heavy Bag Workout

The punching proves to be an intense cardio work out as it helps to build muscles, improve metabolism and gives more stamina to the body. Also, maintains fitness and health by keeping it physically fit. As the full body is involved in this workout, which makes it an intense workout.

So, described below is a complete and a proper method for heavy bag workout. Few prominent steps are as follows:

  1. Low Kick-Right Leg
  2. High Kick-Right Leg
  3. Low Kick-Left Leg
  4. High Kick-Left Leg
  5. Punches
  6. Left Hook
  7. Right Hook
  8. Knee Strike

The complete workout will help you burn maximum calories as well as boost energy. The described above are the steps that are involved in heavy bag workout. Also, the steps show that the whole body gets involved when a person performs punching. Practicing this workout for at least an hour can help burning fat and calories. As a result, gives more strength and stamina to the body.

Major Steps Involved in Heavy Bag Workout

o   Warm-Up

Before actually starting the workout, warming up the body is essential. It prepares the body for the workout and make the whole workout a smooth process. For warming up the body you can start with jogging, jumping jacks or air squats and each for 30 seconds.

o   Jab-Cross-Squat Sequence

Stand in such a position and throw two punches first with left hand and then with the right hand. Remember the punches must be in quick session. It proves to be a great practice and help in becoming a professional boxer. Follow this practice for 45 seconds and after each 45 seconds.

o   Dominant and Non-Dominant side Cross Punching

Prepare yourself for the punches coming from your opponent. This practice will help you become a professional. While punching keep your abs tight also make sure that your face is protected. As the name shows it’s a dominant side punching so protect your face with the help of the non-dominant hand.

Similarly, repeat this exercise with your non-dominant side and make yourself prepared for cross punching. Again, follow this practice for 45 seconds for each side.

o   Side Kicks

For engaging your lower body in the workout practicing for kicks is an ideal way. Practice sidekicks for both left and right side. This practice will involve your lower body also in the workout and return helps you get better results. Also, helps strengthen up lower body muscles.

o   Straight Punches

The straight punch is another exercise that contributes to punching workout. For this practice stand up in front of the heavy bag such that there is an arm distance between you and the heavy bag. Start hitting the bag while maintaining the same distance.


Punching with heavy bag proves to be an intense cardio workout. As it involves and engages the whole upper and lower body in hitting the bag. Also, helps reducing weight within an hour. Besides this, punching a heavy bag proves to be the best alternative to exercise because there are various steps involved in punching. Thus, it is highly beneficial to use a punching bag for workout.

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