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Precautionary Measures To Take Against Kidney Stones

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Hard deposits of acid salts, kidney stones form because of the build-up of dissolved minerals in kidneys’ inner linings. They can affect any part of the urinary tract and can cause extreme pain. Over the years, the number of patients suffering from kidney stones in India has gone up by several notches. Experts blame this on unhealthy lifestyle and food habits that most of us are used to these days. 

Depending on the size of stones, treatment includes shock wave lithotripsy, ureteroscopy and percutaneous nephrolithotomy. The cost of each treatment differs and can run into several thousands rupees. A dedicated kidney stones cover gives you the financial muscle to deal with the expenses associated with the condition. In this article, we list the measures you can take to bring down the chances of them occurring.

Drink enough water

Staying hydrated and drinking enough water is one of the most effective ways to prevent kidney stones. Less water intake makes your urine more concentrated. This, in turn, is less likely to dissolve the urine salts, which cause stones. 

It’s recommended to drink at least 10-12 glasses of water every day. You can also take lemonade and orange juice, both of which has citrate that prevents the formation of stones. Note that carbonated and sweetened drinks can increase the risk of stones.

Reduce salt intake and eat calcium-rich food

Another effective way to prevent kidney stones is to bring down salt intake. If you are an adult, you should keep your salt intake below 2300 mg per day. At the same time, it’s essential to prevent intake of high salt foods such as potato chips, canned soups, packaged meals and ready-to-made noodles, among others.

Additionally, doctors recommend having calcium-rich food to reduce the risk of developing kidney stones. Some good options are milk, cheese, yogurt, legumes, dried fruit, etc.

Maintain a healthy body weight

Obesity is one of the primary reasons behind a lot of ailments and kidney stones is one among them. Being overweight puts pressure on kidneys, which can result in stone formation. Therefore, it’s important to maintain a healthy body weight through regular exercise and proper diet.

Avoid crash-dieting and low-carb diet as they increase the risk of the ailment manifold. Consult a dietician if required and also take professional advice on how to reduce weight in a phased manner.

Limit intake of animal protein

Eating food laden with animal protein frequently increases chances of forming kidney stones. Thus, it’s essential to limit the intake of animal protein such as red meat, egg and seafood. Note that foods rich in animal protein contain purines. They are broken down as uric acid, which increases the chances of stone formation.

Also, if you have a family history of kidney stones, it’s in your best interest to avoid red meat at all costs. Note that seafood increases levels of uric acid, thus making you vulnerable to the ailment.

While the above measures reduce chances of kidney stone formation, they don’t completely eliminate them. In case you experience pain in the back, belly and a burning sensation while passing urine, consult a doctor at the earliest. These are some of the primary symptoms of kidney stones. Also, if you see blood in urine, book an appointment with your physician without delay. Kidney stones insurance from Bajaj Finserv can give you the required finances to meet treatment expenses associated with the disease.

This special health insurance also covers costs for diagnostic tests. To avail this special mediclaim for kidney stones, log onto Bajaj Finserv’s portal, fill the proposal form and pay the premium. This cover prevents out-of-pocket expenses and a dip in your savings while dealing with the ailment.

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