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Skin Vitamins: Worth the Buzz?

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All of us dream about having perfect skin, don’t we? The beauty industry has always evoked awe amongst its followers when it comes to “Skin goals”.

Skin vitamins have been ruling the Instagram feeds and social media accounts of all the beauty influencers these days. To be precise, they have a very loud buzz amongst our generation. But now, you must be wondering if these expensive multivitamin pills are worth the money? 

Well, if you are looking for an answer to that, look no further. We went around, tested these skin care vitamins to bring you a detailed insight into their world.

First things first: let’s learn about them!

Skin vitamins are multivitamin pills with added proteins which are specific to skin health. They are just regular vitamin supplements marketed in the name of skin health, claiming to add a glow to your skin or fighting against acne. You’ll usually find products which claim to have proteins like collagen and other essential vitamins. 

Do you need them?

It is pivotal that you address this question before buying yourself some of these skin care vitamins. A diligently balanced diet caters all the needs of your skin. So, you don’t need them unless you have a vitamin deficiency and your dermatologist prescribed some of these supplements to you.

Talking to a doctor won’t hurt!

As important as they are, too many vitamins may hurt your system. The water-soluble vitamins are released out of the body when you pee, but the same doesn’t apply to the fat-soluble ones. They will get accumulated in your liver and may cause more significant harm than benefit. So, it is advisable to consult your doctor before taking any supplements. On the other hand, you may also want to consult a doctor if you have any other ongoing medications. These may or may not work well in combination. 

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Nothing big to wait for!

Contrary to the claims, these supplements don’t have any revolutionary results. Consistent use may provide you with slight effects, but nothing too major. 

But, there are still some supplements out there that stand firm on their claims and deliver significantly. Dermera Skin Vitamins come in various application packages ranging from 2 to 32 months and offer all the essential vitamins in a single product.

On top of that, skin care vitamins won’t show any results in the lack of proper diet. They will not get absorbed well in your body and hence won’t show any results. So, if you keep on feeding yourself all the junk food and then pop these vitamin pills in the hope of redeeming the damage, you must reconsider the idea!

As fancy as they sound, skin vitamins are not magic. They may give you the slightest of the benefits but nothing too good to stand against the huge price. Remember, you can cater to all the nutritional needs of your body through a balanced healthy diet.

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