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Top Ways To Wrap Your Hair At Night For Strand Protection

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Wrapping hair at night is one of the most important steps in taking care of your hair. Pillow-covers can pull out essential oil from the hair, which may result in damage and hair fall. Wrapping hair is the cheap and best solution for avoiding these problems. It is vital to choose the proper material for wrapping during the night. A bad choice of wrapping material can worsen hair problems rather than avoiding them. In this post, we will mention some of the materials which are beneficial for wrapping your hair while you snooze.

Silk Blend Scarf

Silk scarves are one of the best materials for wrapping your hair at night. They are easily available online as well as offline. You can get various designs in a silk scarf and choose accordingly. You should tie the silk scarf around your hair in such a way that your hairs are not exposed to the pillow and bed sheet. This will help you in preventing your hairstyle and also avoiding hair fall.

Satin Bonnet

A classic satin hair bonnet is a very cheap yet effective material for wrapping your hair during nights. These bonnets are easy to wear and are less irritating. The only problem with them is that if their elastic is not so strong, they can easily slip while you are asleep. Hence, if your sleeping style doesn’t allow, you should not use satin bonnets as wrapping material for your hairs.

Silk Hoods

Silk hoods are another effective wrapping material for hair. They generally have a large surface area which helps in covering the complete head along with hairlines. Apart from providing complete coverage of hair, it also has some gaps which allow the air to move to your scalp, which is an excellent thing. Some of the hoods are stretchy, which further adds to their utility.

Do-Rag Caps

Do rag caps are multipurpose as they are very helpful in the daytime also. Even men can also use them for avoiding hair damage or just for a funky look use hair dryer. The best thing with do-rags is that their ties don’t loosen up easily. It will stick with your head no matter how restless your night is. The disadvantage of do-rags is that some people might get headaches while wearing it alongside glasses.

Silk Pillowcases

Apart from using the above wrapping materials, you should use silk pillowcases on your bed. They are specially designed for preventing hair damage during nights. Silk pillowcases for hairs not only prevent damage but also provide you a wonderful experience while sleeping. It will feel like you are sleeping on a bed of roses. Hence, using silk as pillowcases and bed sheets can further lower your chances of hair damage.

You should not ignore taking care of your hair while you are sleeping. All of the above-mentioned materials are easily available on many online and offline stores. You can get any designer hair bonnet at a very reasonable rate in these online and offline stores. If you are not using them yet, you should give them a try and feel the difference.

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