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Types of cosmetic and personal care products

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Cosmetic and beauty products are more than a necessity in the modern world. Cosmetic business has turned itself into a billion dollar industry. People have turned themselves into self-made entrepreneurs earning a billion of dollars just by sourcing the best cosmetic manufacturers and selling the right cosmetic product to the right customer. Women, leading users of cosmetic products, use them to enhance their beauty and increase their attractiveness. Some products like moisturizers are used to keep skin soft. Other products like eyeliners, mascara, eye shadow and foundation are used to give flawless appearance to the skin. It depends on the customer for which purpose the product will be used. So whether the need is to hide blemishes or look radiant or just for normal personal care, different range of products are available for the same. Here are some type of cosmetic products:

Creams and moisturizers:

These are the most common type of personal care product. Creams are semi-solid mixtures of oil and water which are used to protect the skin from harmful sun rays and to keep the skin soft. They act as a barrier which helps in retaining normal pH balance of the skin. These include sunscreens, facial and hand moisturizers etc.

Facial Powders:

These are applied after the foundation has been applied. It is applied to ensure foundation even out on the skin. It can also be applied to reduce the appearance of an oily skin. Added component of sunscreen helps to keep the skin free from harmful sun rays. Another type of powder used is known as talcum powder for the body to keep the skin hydrated and free from sweat in summer. The only thing to keep in mind is to use the right color of face powder which matches the skin color for an even appearance.

Brushes and paint sticks are used to apply the same.


Gels are thick semi liquid substances which are generally used to style one’s hair. It’s also used in various other cosmetic products like shaving gels, sunscreen and body wash etc.

Ointment and pastes:

These are treated as personal care products due to their healing abilities. Ointment protects the skin from various skin problems like rashes. On the other hand pastes like toothpaste keep teeth clean and healthy. They are extremely thick and sticky to touch.


Some cosmetic products cannot be touched by hand due to their state or the type of ingredients used to make them. Therefore, cosmetic products like lipstick and deodorant/perfume are supplied in solid containers hence the name.

Cosmetic manufacturers ensure that stick type of products are not bulky, easy to use and can be carried around easily.

Cosmetic products according to the body part:

Eyes —it includes eyeliner, primers, mascara, eye curlers and under eye creams.

Nails —nail polish, nail gloss, nail polish remover

Face — foundation, blush powder, compact powder and concealer.

While there are a thousand of products in the market, the above given products are the one which are mostly used. The cosmetic industry and the products manufactured are limitless. It’s only a matter of time when this industry would overtake all other business in the coming years.

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