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Types of dangerous waterborne diseases and how to prevent them

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Water pollution happens when unwanted material, industrial waste, human or animal waste, rubbish, swage waste, etc. reach the water, and change the water quality, which damages the atmosphere and human health as well. Water transmitted diseases are created by drinking water or eating cleaned foods from water, containing contaminants that are capable of causing infection, such as amohemiasis, giardiasis, toxoplasmosis, etc. including viruses such as hepatitis A or E, or water may involve bacteria such as ecli, cholera, typhoid fever and water with ringworm parasites.

As per the census of World Health Organization, about 1.8 million humans die due to waterborne diseases. There are several types of diseases that can occur after drinking contaminated water. This article as a small campaign to make people aware about the diseases that can cause due to contaminated water. We’ll share some ways that can help you prevent these diseases.

Types of waterborne diseases

  • Typhoid Fever

Typhoid fever is a dangerous disease that can contract after getting in touch with Salmonella Typhi bacteria. If you’ll drink contaminated water and eat food washed with contaminated water, you can come in contact with Typhi bacteria that can multiply in the bloodstream and cause typhoid fever. The common symptoms of typhoid fever are high-fever, headache, stomach pain, joint pain, extreme fatigue, etc. Some people may experience rose spots across the abdomen.

  • Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is a virus that attacks your liver and cause fever, stomach pain, vomiting, jaundice, dark urine, and fatigue. If someone drinks contaminated water or eat food washed in water which may have contaminated through broken pipes or by sewage overflows, there is an increasing chance of getting in contact with Hepatitis A virus. This virus generally enters via the faces of an infected person. If you want to avoid dangerous disease like Hepatitis A, then we recommend you to always drink purified water.

  • Cholera

Cholera is an acute disease that is caused by bacterium Vibrio Cholerae and attacks the intestine of a person. It is a diarrheal problem that is increasing day by day in developing countries due to the increasing consumption of contaminated water. It is such a dangerous disease that it can cause rapid loss of fluid from your body which leads to dehydration and can cause death within hours without proper treatment. You need to avoid getting in contact with bacterium Vibrio Cholerae by drinking pure uncontaminated water.

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  • Trachoma

This is a most common waterborne disease that attacks women and children and cause visual impairment or blindness. Women and children are vulnerable to this disease. It can also spread through personal contact with the person already suffering with it.

Prevention tips of waterborne diseases

If you want to prevent waterborne diseases, then you must drink properly treated water. Always drink water purified by RO water purifier, which is in a good working condition. Wash you food also from purified water. Always washing hands with RO water before cooking and eating the food would be the best idea to avoid waterborne diseases. If your RO water purifier is not in good condition, then you must get it checked from the experts. You can approach Carry India for the best service of RO repair and maintenance in Delhi.

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