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New Catalog of Sleep Mattresses 2020

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How is the new Sleepy Mattress Catalog?

The New Sleepy Catalog is presented as a collection divided into two ranges. A first selection of mattresses with a fresh and modern aesthetic, which includes a pocket spring mattress, padded with hypoallergenic fibers; a memory foam mattress with a high-density foam core and two youth mattresses; one with two faces with differentiated padding and a mat, perfect for children or to place in the bottom bed of trundle beds.

The other part of the Catalog consists of two mattresses with a more classic aesthetic, with a DormiBlock® spring core, a block of continuous thread springs, very resistant, which provide great firmness, very good stability and an excellent level of breathability to the nuclei. In addition, classic spring mattresses are very durable sleeping options over time.

 What is special about these mattresses?

One of the advantages of the models in the first group of the Sleepy Mattress catalog is that they are delivered vacuum packed. This format, known internationally as ‘bed in a box’, allows for easier and faster transport of mattresses. In this way, every sleeper who urgently needs a mattress can choose from a wide variety of materials and technology. All of them of high quality, and not settling for other rest options, of lower quality, for reasons of delivery times.

 But, the new Catalog also offers two rest solutions for the most classic sleepers. So also those who are looking for a firm mattress of a lifetime, also find their ideal mattress. All these models have a high resistance to deformations and are very durable over time. If you want more details about sleeping mattresses then you must have visit here.

Features of the new Sleepy mattresses

Below we tell you the main characteristics of the models of the Sleep Mattress Catalog 2019.

Bed-in-a-box models

First of all, the models that are 100% new deserve special mention. Among them are:

  •  The Town Pocket model, with pocket springs, with padding based on hypoallergenic fibers, which offers progressive firmness and very good bed independence during rest.
  • The Urban Visco mattress, with a DormiFoam foam core and a combined memory foam padding and ergonomic materials.
  • The City Visco youth mattress, with a DormiFoam® core and a differentiated padding on each side, for a better quality of rest depending on the time of year
  • The City mattress with core, also in DormiFoam. The latter, with a reduced thickness of 16 cm, makes it easier to make the bottom bed into trundle beds, even when the mattress is covered with the sheets and the duvet.
  • Classic models
  • In the second group would be the DormiBlock spring core mattresses:

The mattress Metropolis Visco, is padded with heat – sensitive memory foam, which adapts to each physiognomy. This mattress is perfect for those sleepers who are looking for a firm and resistant mattress that has a good level of adaptability in the lying down.

The other model, Civic, is padded with hypoallergenic fibers and ergonomic materials. These materials provide a firmer mattress final touch and is especially interesting for those very hot or especially sensitive sleepers to changes in temperature. It is also recommended for stout and / or large sleepers who are looking for a quality and affordable mattress.

 Ask the experts of Mattress Express

All the mattresses of the Sleepy Catalog 2019 will be available for sale in Express Mattress from June 1, 2019. These mattresses can be purchased in one of our physical stores or through the web. In our online store, you can investigate more about the detailed characteristics of each of the models and acquire them with all the guarantees, at the best price on the web. 

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