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Wallpaper Ideas for Baby Boy Room

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Oh Boy! What joy it is to become a parent! And the decisions that come along with raising a baby are endless. As parents we always want to offer the best thing in the world to our kids. Decorating a baby’s room can seem unnerving but the job has been made fairly easy by the trend of wallpapers. Adding wallpaper to a baby’s room is a great way to make it look fun and friendly. But how do you pick something to create a space that engages their creativity yet isn’t too overwhelming? Especially for a baby boy? Here’s your go-to guide on everything you need to know when putting together your new baby boy’s new room:

  •   Gone are the days when blue was meant for a boy’s room and pink for girls. The trends have become more gender neutral and parents now are looking for colours, patterns and designs that create a soothing vibe for their baby rather than sticking to the traditional colours. It’s okay to even use whites and soft greys on the walls and then add bright colour to the furniture and upholstery.
  •   When it comes to a wallpaper for a kid’s room, the most important thing to remember is to find the safest materials. Also, stick to something with washable properties so when your baby boy starts scribbling random things on those wallpapered walls, you can easily wash it away.
  •   Another important factor to consider is that a wallpaper should never make a kids room overwhelming. An extremely bold pattern or highly vibrant colour can make them feel uncomfortable. It is any day safer to go for a simple print in light colours than to pick a very loud one.
  •   With the stores overflowing with a huge range of pattern diversity, there’s a wallpaper for every theme you have in mind. Whether you want fun cartoon characters or colourful stripes, wallpaper dealers have it all. Try engaging your baby boy in the selection process. Encourage them to explore their interests – whether it’s cars or robots or even clouds. His choice of wallpaper may reflect his hobbies and seeing something like that in his room may make him feel more joyous than you can imagine.
  •   You can paper the entire room if the pattern you pick is not too overwhelming. Use your baby boy’s favourite shapes and watch him jump in joy when the wallpaper is installed. Paper boats, hot air balloons and football are the quintessential baby boy themes when it comes to small patterns for wallpaper. These motif wallpapers are an ideal backdrop and can stimulate their creativity as well. If you are aiming for a more minimalistic look, even geometric patterns can add the required fun element to your walls.
  •   If you have your mind set on a fun bold print, an accent wall can be a great solution wherein you add wallpaper only to that particular wall and paint the rest of the room in colours complimenting it. It is also more budget friendly as compared to pasting all walls of the room with a wallpaper. Take help from your wallpaper dealers in finding the right combination that looks interesting and fits within your budget too.
  •   Considering kids outgrow everything in a short span of time, a simple textured wallpaper goes a long way. Pick a colourful one to add the vibrancy factor to the room and it will look evergreen even when the kid hits puberty. Mint green and teal are excellent options for a baby boy’s room. Greys and Navy are also colours that look timeless on walls when used in the correct way.
  • One of the most relieving parts of picking a wallpaper for your baby boy’s room is that even if everything doesn’t match, it’s fine! Indulge your little boy in the various bright colours of his room and it will end up being a fun way of teaching him their names.
  • If you’re up for a little experimenting, skip adding wallpaper to your walls and instead add it to the ceiling. It’s an interesting way to add character to the room and, if combined with the correct colour on the walls of the room, can become the highlight of the room. Wallpaper dealers nowadays have special wallpaper options for the ceilings as well.
  • When working with wallpapers in a baby boys room, always remember to leave some breathing space for other accents such as furniture, upholstery and toys. Baby boys can be messy and a completely wallpapered room in a loud pattern can make the room look more cluttered than usual. If you have your heart set for a loud pattern, make sure to keep the room furniture as simple as possible.
  •   Stripes in pleasantly complimenting colours are also a great option for your baby boy’s room. When used vertically, stripes make the room ceiling seem higher and add the illusion of width to the room when used horizontally. These patterns age well and can seem timeless even when your baby boy is all grown up and heading to college.

If you’re still not sure about how to decorate your baby boys room yet, head to your city’s wallpaper dealers and let them guide you with their colour palettes and print inspirations. It’s okay to seek help when you need it. So go ahead – ask a friend, immerse in the world of Pinterest or find an interior decorator to do the job for you. Everything for that little bundle of joy!

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