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Content Marketing: Learn How To Write Good Texts

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It is no wonder that content marketing is one of the most discussed topics within the digital market in recent times. It is undoubtedly a very powerful tool for those who want to improve a brand’s online presence and, consequently, sell more.

To take advantage of the benefits that content marketing provides, it is essential to use the right techniques. So, in today’s post, we brought tips on how to write good texts for the web. 

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Buyer personas

If you made it this far, you probably already have your buyer personas defined. If you haven’t already, it’s time to define who you’re going to write for. Personas are the embodiment of your ideal customers, and nothing better than speaking directly to them, right?

Keyword search

Anyone familiar with some SEO techniques knows that keyword research has always been very important to achieve good positioning in search engines, such as Google.

Free tools, like Keywordtool.io, Ubersuggest, and Google’s Keyword Planner, help you analyze the most searched words in your niche, search volume and similar terms that you can explore in your blog posts. When choosing a term to be your keyword, clarify as many doubts as possible about it.

The keyword must be contained in the title and within the content naturally and logically. Exaggerating the use of keywords is not a good practice and can result in penalties for your site.

Incredible titles

After the keyword is defined, dedicate yourself to creating incredible titles. At school we learn to do the opposite: write first and then think of an interesting title. With Content Marketing, the process must start with the title, so that the text answers all the questions it poses.

Striking titles attract more readers and guarantee you more chances to stand out from your competitor. When researching your next vacation destination, for example, which of these 2 titles would arouse the most interest in you: “National destinations for you to visit on vacation”, or “Unforgettable holidays: 5 breathtaking national destinations!”?


Your text must be scannable, which means that, when scrolling the web page, your reader will not encounter a jumble of words, which will only discourage him from reading.

Divide the text into relevant topics, also known as intertitles. They should be more prominent in the eyes of the reader, so he can identify what he will learn in that blog post. 

In WordPress, use “Header 2” (H2), or “Title 2”. For topics inserted in the title, use H3 and so on. The use of headers is very important for SEO techniques, as they help to identify terms related to your keyword.


When writing your text, identify terms that have already been topics of other blog posts and make a connection between them, using hyperlinks. The same can be done for other sites that contain information relevant to that specific term. Linking (internal or external) is also very important for SEO, but more than that, it offers more information to the user.


Your blog post should always invite the reader to take action and continue interacting with your brand they are called Call to Action (CTA). Some actions that can be encouraged by CTAs are:

  • Leave a comment;
  • Read a related article;
  • Share on social networks;
  • Subscribe to the newsletter;
  • Download free material, among others.

With that information, it’s time to start bringing your blog to life, and correctly establishing your content marketing strategy! And since we are talking about CTA, leave your comment, if our content was useful to you or if you still have any questions about how to write good texts!

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