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6 Tips for Hosting a Budget-Friendly Christmas Party

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Its mid-November, and soon December 25th will be here, and that means Christmas is coming sooner than we thought. Festivals are truly the happiest days as you see so mind kindness and warmth, all around you. There are so much merriment and excitement, with decorations, sweets, fairs, and sale, and of course the best thing-Christmas parties.

Your calendars must be full of Christmas party invites, but why not do something different this year? Instead of going to everyone’s house this year, why not invite everyone to your house only. If you are trying to save money for something special or future emergencies, then don’t worry. In this blog, we will learn about some tips that will help you throw the best Christmas parties ever but in the budget.

So, without further ado, here are the tips to organize a Christmas party on a budget.

1.  Create a budget for your Christmas party and don’t slip up

The first thing you need to do is to create a budget for your Christmas party. Make sure that while creating the budget, you take every aspect of the party into consideration. From snacks to decorations to music to drinks, make a list of everything that you will require and their quantity, and how much you are willing to spend on it.

When you make a budget, don’t slip up. A little up or down is okay, but don’t slip up too much or you might end up with a debt. Also, if you are a little low on cash for your party, try to make some immediate cuts, like your restaurant money or your Netflix subscription and so on.

2. Instead of alcohol, set up a bar for hot cocoa

Hot cocoa sounds like a party for kids, right? But it won’t as in winter times, people love a good cup of hot chocolate, and also alcohol is quite expensive. For persons like us, who are throwing a Christmas party on a tight budget, getting alcohol can ruin other things like setting up a good decoration or snacks.

To make it a big hit, make sure that you offer some of the best top-ups to the guest like candies or whipped cream or marshmallows and so on.

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3. Borrow the trays and other utensils

You will be putting up a lot of stalls of food, which means you will need a lot of trays, serving cups or cake stands, punch bowls, and so on. You will also need a tablecloth and other items like this. Instead of buying new ones, you can borrow old trays or stands from your friends or family. If you keep buying everything new, you will have a massive bill.

4. Make a list of guests and keep it casual

Since you are throwing a party on a budget, you must have a guest list prepared. Don’t invite everyone; only invite close friends, family members, and colleagues who you are close too. Invite them with the beautiful invitation card.

Also, it is not important to throw a black-tie event for 100 or 200 people. Keep it casual and fun. You can also only invite your family or close friends for a potluck dinner, which is something manageable.

5.  Have some games

You don’t want your party to be boring right? So, have music, karaoke, or a small group of your talented friends singing, or classic Christmas music playing from your phone. But make sure you have that so that people don’t get bored.

Also, have some small manageable games because no Christmas party is complete without a game. You can play ‘Never have I ever’ or some reindeer games, or some board or card games, charades are always popular, and so on.Just inform the guests, so that they come with preparation.

6. Decorate key places

If your budget doesn’t allow you to decorate the whole place, that’s fine. Keep the decoration focused on the places where most guests will be like the dining room or kitchen table and so on. A Christmas tree is enough to give a festive vibe, no matter how big or small it is, so don’t fret too much.

Christmas is the time to enjoy and have fun with friends and family and a party is one of the ways to do that. Don’t stress yourself by throwing a big bash that puts a dent in your pocket. Keep it simple, but classy.

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