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How to Measure Width of Curtains

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When you need to measure the width of curtains, it is essential to make sure that you take the measurements in a precise way. This way, you will know what size the drapery should be.The easiest way to measure the width of your curtains is to take your measurement right on the spot. You can do this either at the store or at home. Then, of course, you need to take note of the measurement.If the line is not straight, turn the curtain into a ruler, and you should be able to determine how long the curtain is from the right side like curtain Dubai.

It is are excellent you have a new display behind your curtain or in front of your curtain. It’s not only for decoration. You can also measure the width of a curtain using the fabric as the ruler. It gives you the exact measurement when you have to measure the same curtain using different gauges.

Measure your curtain at the store for a specific look

Most people prefer to have their curtains measured at the store instead of having them do it themselves. You recall the measurements much more often and go back to the store for more when needed. However, if you have a specific pattern of curtains and want to have them altered, then you may not want to have them measured at the store.

Decide a pattern of your window width

Before you can make any decisions about which size of curtain you should buy, you first need to measure the width of your windows and decide on a pattern.Once you get the measurements, you can look at some samples and choose the one that most closely fits your measures. It’d be a good idea to measure the fabric.

Measure from edges of the window

How to measure the width of curtains is very simple. Measure from the side of the curtain track to the top of the window. Make sure that you put a marking tape across the road so that you can be sure you are consistent with the measurements. Measure again at the window and add the width of the curtain to get the total length of the window.

Make the right dimensions of your window

While figuring out the curtain width, you may want to consider the aspects of the window. The width of the window will determine how long the curtain should be. It should help you when you buy the curtains since you know how much fabric you will need.To get a good feel for the style of the curtains, sit in front of the room and walk around the curtain. You can either hold the curtain up so that you can walk through it or bring it down to see what it looks like before buying it. Make sure that the fabric you purchase is not going to be too heavy to hold up.The material you choose for the curtain should be easy to wash. No matter how sturdy the fabric is, if it is too heavy, it will be tough to wash or dry. You don’t want to have to go out of your way to do so.

Wisely select the patterns from all combinations

There are many different patterns to choose from, and you can choose from light, dark or any combination of them. You can use models that are original or models that are patterned or even dull. Just make sure that the design of the curtains is something that you like.When you want to know how to measure the width of curtains, then the easiest way is just to let it hang on the window. You can see the thickness of the curtain exactly. If the design is not square, you can always find one in the mirror or shop window.

Use of mirrors for measuring the curtains

Some people use mirrors when they are measuring the curtains and then measure the width of the window. That is the best way to ensure that the width of the curtain will be equal to the width of the window. You should also measure twice and cut once.

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Once you have found the correct pattern and then measure the fabric, you can choose your material. All materials will have a different design on them but most materials cut so that it fits well on the window. With all of the models available, you can find the ones that will fit your window.

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