Make your Flowers Last Longer with these Easy Ideas

We don’t need to explain how important flowers are in our life. We all know very well how they make everyone’s life brighter and joyful. Be it any occasion anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s day, flowers make it more memorable. People even order flowers online to surprise their near and dear ones. Fresh flowers spread sweet fragrance and beauty wherever they are kept. On the other hand, people always use flowers to show their emotions and love towards their dear ones. You still love cherishing the bouquets that you receive for a long time. But it is also true that flowers do not live a long life. So, you can follow some tricks to keep them fresh for a long time.

Cut the Stem

The big mistake people usually forget after receiving the bouquet cutting the stems of the flowers. It’s necessary for everyone who wants to keep a smell for a long time shears to trim three inches off and cut at an angle. Cutting the stems allows for better water intake since they aren’t sitting flat on the bottom of the vase. After the initial cut, be sure to re-trim your bouquet once every few days.


Remove leaves below the waterline. It not only gives your bouquet a perfect look but also prevents bacterial growth. For example, roses have guard petals, which are the two or more outermost leaves of the flower. When you remove, all these guard petals will allow your flowers to reopen fully. After your pruning, you should notice your flower every day for dead, as this will save your flower form the bacterial rot.  

Water your Flowers

Water is key to the survival of plants (well, anything that survives), so you have to check your flowers daily as some drink their dose faster than others. Water flowers on a regular basis. Refill fresh water on a regular basis. You should not have to remove the flowers from the vessel to water them unless there are contaminants to clean in the wash.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

So, if you want to secure your flowers for longer times, then you should keep them at a cold temperature once receiving after online flowers delivery. You should not place flowers where direct sunlight falls on them and also avoid keeping them near any heat-generating appliances. Also, avoid keeping them in areas like windows, heating vents, as they can cause dehydration in flowers.

Refrigerate Overnight

Also, florists refrigerate help you to make your flowers last longer. For this, you just kept your flowers in the refrigerator when you go to sleep and take them out in the morning. You do this only when there isn’t much fruit inside. Fruit gives off ethylene gas, which shortens the life of your flowers.

Pop Copper Coin in your Vase

Have you ever seen vases in the bottom of coins? Copper is another time-borrower, as it works as an acidifier that helps prevent the growth of fungus and bacteria. (Panado, mouthwash, and even soda water are some of the other stuff we saw going into the flower water!)

Pep Them Up Some Vodka

Another fun tip for flower feeding is vodka! So, add some drops of vodka and some white sugar after filling a vase with water to stop wilting in its tracks. Are Flowers already beginning to die? Add vodka to the water, and for a few more days, the stems will stand up straight.

Pick the Perfect Vase

At last, you also need to choose the perfect vase for your flowers. For example, if you have a bunch of peonies with the long stem, it does not mean that you put it in a big jar. The flowers with long stems should be placed in a low base vase so that they can support each other when they open up fully. While lighter, more delicate flowers can be kept in a taller jar.

By using those tricks which we mentioned above you can able to enjoy your fresh flowers vases some days extra. By placing the fresh flowers at the home and in any special event give a beautiful look. On the other hand if you want to propose your beloved you can also do it easily with the help of flowers.  Send flowers online to express your love, care, and gratitude.

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