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Smart helmets are changing the way you snowboard

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When you look at the snow-capped mountains and the white flat, snow-covered valley, what is the first thought that comes to your mind? It is either snowboarding or skiing.

Snowboarding is one of the most fun activities one can think of doing only during snow-covered winters. Though relatively safe sports, things can go haywire in some unfortunate cases. Since the infamous accident of Micheal Schumacher in 2013, helmets have become a fundamental necessity.

Why do we need helmets when it is just smooth snow all around?

Helmets are a crucial safety gear that protects your head and neck from any injury. Head trauma is one of the most dangerous and almost untreatable conditions that can lead to paralysis or even death.

This is where wearing a helmet becomes a vital necessity. Besides the protection, another significant advantage of wearing helmets is that it keeps chilled air away from your ears and thus helps in keeping the head and neck region warm.

Why should I choose to buy a Smart helmet instead of a regular snowboarding helmet?

Imagine wanting to zoom down the snow-covered valleys but having to stop now and then to receive a call. Or how about stopping to find the direction to the spot you want to travel to. Or how about wanting to record the experience?

In such cases, you will need to have the phone handy or at least the earphones or BlueTooth headset to communicate. For video recording a separate go pro camera needs to be mounted on the helmet, thus increasing weight. As for the location and direction, you will either have to check your phone every few minutes or carry a GPS locator. It is no more a lightweight uninterrupted journey for sure.Remember how Iron Man has Jarvis? Wasn’t his Iron suit helmet cool? He just had to speak, and it was all in front of him on the screen within his helmet.Imagine having a helmet that has all the features you want or need, embedded into one compact design. You have our mom or wife calling as you zoom past the pine trees, you let your smart helmet connect the call, without needing to stop.

Or how about the warning of an upcoming snow-covered boulder on your path within a few meters. Imagine Jarvis directing you to move left or right and guiding you safely to your destination without needing to stop to check GPS or ask someone for directions.How about having an inbuilt camera that records your journey in a crystal clear HD version and even has the facility to edit and upload to your social media platform?If all these were not enough, then how about a GPS locator and an inbuilt SOS option. In case you are lost in the snow, locating you will not be a behemoth task because the helmet will act as a signal locator. When such is the case, the best snowboarding helmet 2020 comes to rescue.

The final verdict of choosing a Smart Snowboarding Helmet

All this feature with an inbuilt battery that can last up to 24 hrs on a single charge is definitely worth watching out for. A smart helmet is an ingenious invention that can make snowboarding experience more worthwhile much safer than before.

The added fun of all in one gadget also makes your snowboarding experience much better maneuverable and less cumbersome. So next time around you want to go snowboarding, exchange your regular helmet for a smart snowboarding helmet and see the difference.


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