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Student Accommodation In Noida: A Complete Guide

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Noida is a well-organized city. As per census reports of 2020, the population of Noida is 542,681. Noida is established in Uttar Pradesh state close to Delhi. The district’s executive quarters are in the nearby city of Greater Noida. The best perspectives of living in Noida as an adult are the nearest departmental stores, shopping malls, medical centers/hospitals, etc. The closeness to all these places makes it easier to get the needed things easily and anytime. Moreover, Noida can be seen growing into a small modern hub, further improving the quality of lifestyle. There are many organizations and companies with good jobs and if you are working in any of these organizations, then it is easy for you to commute too.  

Lifestyle in Noida

Individuals are useful and obliging. Delhi is tied in with happening life. Heaps of bars, shopping centers, joint spots… Metro, the best thing… so modest yet very much kept up. It gets you to places quickly contrasted with contracting a taxi or auto rickshaw. Metro network is up to Noida and I accept they are expanding the line till Greater Noida, which is 18 km south of Noida.


Noida has some genuine climate boundaries. In summers, the temperature shoots up to 40–44C and midpoints at 38 degrees. In this way, without having a cooling framework or if nothing else a cooler, life is troublesome (most paying visitor lodging give these offices at some premium). Winter temperature midpoints at 10 degrees and can go as low as 2 degrees.

Source of entertainment  

The most influential and notable entertainment venue in Noida is the PRC Mall which also has the Worlds of Wonder amusement park next to it. While there are several other malls in Noida, for example, orbit Mall, Plaza Mall, and Shopper Malls but they are much smaller and mostly frequented to watch movies and consuming at restaurants. PRC Mall has the largest number of options for purchasing, eating and hovering around. Perhaps that is the reason this mall has among the highest footfall in the nation. People from easterly Noida, southern Noida and even people of Chandigarh come here for their needs. It becomes impracticable to find parking here during weekends and entry to popular eateries. Well now that its summertime, expect considerable crowds at all malls because that is where parents and pupils go to overcome the heat.

Accommodation in Noida

It is quite easy to find affordable accommodation in greater Noida. Greater Noida is believed to be kind of isolated and safety is a major concern for most of the students living here. So it becomes necessary that the student pg Noida you choose takes care of proper security and all the other facilities as well. All accommodation in Noida provides the Best in class service. The rent is affordable. Provide all necessary services like good meals, fun assemblies, 24 hrs wifi, and stewardship. They are your comfortable homes away from home. They provide services that stand at par with the global hospitality standard. All the rooms are fully decorated with concurrent and trendy pieces of chattels. There is an air conditioner, station, furniture, garden, water purifiers, refrigerator, washing machine, and other basic things. The best thing is, these services are free of cost. Student accommodation Noida and student hostel in Noida are the official websites of Noida government for the help of students.  

Universities in Noida

Schools in Greater Noida are generally subsidiary. Lucknow which is a state govt. university. If we talk about some good colleges in greater Noida we will name very few colleges in terms of good academics, production exposure, functional knowledge, and overall development. There are few good colleges affiliated by AKTU, Lucknow where you pursue B.Tech, M.Tech and MBA programs. Academics, practical and industry exposure and placements are some good key points of colleges in Noida.

Noida is a beautiful city to live and migrate for students and the universities in Noida offer the best education system. It has everything like good food, sports, and the most importantly good people. Noida is known for its heritage and some major job opportunities in the IT and industrial sectors. People from all over the North come to Noida to apply for their dream job.

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