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Top Five Entertainment Applications

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These days, entertainment applications play one of the major roles in our daily life.There are many different types of applications which we use in our daily life. All these applications can be downloaded from 9apps apk. These applications help in making our life easy and more fun.


Netflix is one of the major entertainment source applications which is used in all over the world. This application is used to watch entertainment sources like movies, daily soups, anime and any other entertainment related sources. It also has some really interesting documentary about many knowledgeable materials. People also use Netflix to spend their quality time with people that love which makes the bond of their love strong and everlasting. On Netflix there are different culture’s movies which also help us having a better understanding about different culture that are present in the different countries. Netflix is one of the major entertainment applications which are used all over the world.


Ted is one of the leading applications that are used all over the world. This application helps in providing the lost motivation to the people so that they can work hard and gain success in their lives. This app contains the success stories of the people who gain heights in their lives which other people dream of.It also shows the entire struggle that the people go through in their daily lives to reach that level of success. It is one of the major applications that are used by students to maintain their motivation. It also shows the different culture and the lively hood of the people who are from different cultures.


It is one of the most usedapplications that can be found on any mobile or laptop these days it is used in many different fields of aspects and to make their work easy and fast as possible. YouTube is used in all over the world for gaining knowledge and other entertainment occasions. This application is also used to study about the different culture aspects and is also used to watch vlogs and other entertainment aspects. There are many stories in which students used this application rather than to join any institute and score high ranking in their particular field of work.

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Any books:

In the modern times there are still huge majority of people who love to read books for their entertainment.For those people, this app is one of the best applications as there are hundreds and millions of books that a reader can read to pass their free time or to gain specific knowledge. One of the main features of this application is that all the books that we see on this app are free of cost and does not require any fortune for it. One can also download the books to read offline when he/she has no internet connection.


Amazon is one of the most used applications all over the world as hundreds and millions of people use this application for selling and buying of the product that they require.This app also helps to generate income for small business owners as it has high customer rate.

These types of application are usually used to make life easy and entertained. All these applications can be easily found from and get attached to the outer world.

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