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Monday, June 21, 2021

What Youngster Think About Marriage

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The tendency of today’s generation is to do things on trials without knowing which ships have already sailed, which one is made for them and letting them go, and which is entitled with roped in despite high winds. Now it is scariest to sail the relationship ship without knowing which is good for them. However, in India either in the Gurgaon matrimony or any other matrimony most of us have been taught an age-old idea that people are born to get married as per their parents then have kids and then continue to be married. No one focuses on happiness in the marriage. 

Seeing all that destroyed and shattered after marriage into a million pieces of unhappiness is always going to be tough, and the urge to stumble about society going to fit in that is strong.

But the fact is that, however much we screech, the old model of being married fulfilling stability and commitment is disappearing and somewhere we are accepting this. Only half of the teenagers went for love  Punjabi matrimony  remained married in the future, other 90% of teenagers after marriage leave drag their relationship to divorce. 

Marriage, as those of us over 35 were brought up to think of it, have a great sense of responsibility, and don’t fit contemporary sensibilities. On the other hand, youngsters want to eat the cake at any cost – and this includes relationships. 

Psychologists have therefore begun pushing the idea of accepting love then follow the formula of old-age marriage. Also living the whole adult lifespan together. Some sex therapist also suggests and emphasis on sexiness as the key to making a relationship forever and do not see only sex as the marital purpose. If youngsters make their mind to stay in relationships for longer and will reinvent themselves numerous times over a longer life-span. They are more likely to live long in a relationship too. When it comes to security, commitment, and stability, the old-age marriage model was good at this. 

The young generation must consider the fact that marriage is about how you both affect each other and each other’s life. It is always more than you because you need to see it as a level of compatibility. Your partner’s life is all about your type and is not so tight that we fail in a relationship. Remain more lightly to show your love with honesty, you should take the level of pushing. Be more serious about relationships and little lenient about your partner and her choices. To get a successful Gurgaon matrimony love when back when you do not expect the back love. 


Either it is your marriage at a young age or old age, it is only successful when you find the right partner does not make the situation according to you. You can make the situation favorable (according to you) after marriage even. It does not purely depend on what you are, it is more about maturity you are living at. 

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