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Why Choose A Healthy Lifestyle?

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A lifestyle change is about so much more than ‘New Year’s resolutions’, so try not to label it as anything like that. You want to offer to yourself lasting change and real growth, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Then you will change your way of being in this world, with others, and within you. Think of it as your GIFT to YOU. If you are informed, willing, and committed you can make longstanding changes.

1. Start by writing down what it is you want to improve your life and your health

Take some time to think about what you want or need to improve. What works, and what doesn’t work. Work on these notes for a few days, look at them, put them away, and look at them again. Where are your trigger points?

What you are doing is telling your Inner Being what your true desires and intentions are, for yourself and your life. It’s important to know what these desires are and to raise your self-awareness.

When you have finished these notes, keep them in a special box and put them away for now. But make sure you put some faith and trust in yourself into that box, together with the notes. You can get it done! Feel that you KNOW it. Your subconscious mind will continue to work on your new awareness around your wellness and well-being. And this will eventually lead to action.

2. Set some Tiny Goals, some True Goals, and some Final Goals

Tiny Goals can be switching one unhealthy food out of your diet with one healthy food, taking sugar out of your coffee or tea or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

True Goals are about making a commitment to a deeper level. An example can be to quit smoking, stop complaining about your body or deciding to run outdoors half an hour twice a week.

A Final Goal is seeing yourself where you want to be; You want to weigh xx pounds or kilos, you want to sleep peacefully 8 hours every night under air conditioning Sydney, you want to feel energized and healthy every day.

Do not write about your present situation, whatever that is when you write your Final Goals. Final Goals are set with only positive and affirming intentions.

Positive is the keyword, because you are telling your Inner Being how you see yourself, and you don’t want that to be negative. Also, try to feel the delicious, exciting feeling like you already have it. Then your Final Goals are powerful.

3. Now, choose your inner guide

After doing steps 1 and 2 you will have activated your Inner Being and awareness about your true desires. Thus, you might just suddenly feel inspired to do something one day. This is your Inner Being, our Inner Guidance, talking to you.

Remember this very important thing: if it feels good, you are in the right direction. If it does not feel good, you are not in the right direction. Your Inner Being will always guide you to act on positive emotions and turn away from negative emotions. Learn to follow your gut feeling, and accept the fact that you may have to change some old beliefs.

So, you’re sitting there on the sofa, watching TV and eating your favorite snack food, you know what I’m talking about – chips, cookies, ice cream and the like, when you look down to brush the crumbs away and the thought hits you.

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Wow! I really need to do something about this (poor eating, belly rolls, thighs like tree trunks – the giant trees kind of trunks, couch-potato-ness). I will run, umm… drive, to the store and grab the latest, greatest diet book and hit it hard, not on your forehead, get the new diet going with a brand new desire to recommit to get that weight off.

Problem is, you never get to the book/magazine section of any store. Or say you do, but never actually even open the book/magazine. Okay, for the sake of argument, you do the diet.

You actually lose a little something, but it was just a “diet”. So you go back to your old habits and patterns of eating and sitting in front of the “boob” tube under ducted air conditioning Sydney. Hmmm. Now your back where you began.

  • All that you need would be a positive change in your lifestyle
  • But CHANGE takes time. And support. It’s too complicated.
  • Here are some reasons you might like to rethink that standpoint:
  • You will be giving your body the nutrients it needs to heal and feed every cell in your body. (Whoa! That’s a lot of cells!)
  • With healthy cells, your body systems begin to come into balance. (Especially those pesky hormones that can cause us all sorts of problems!)
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