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Dehradun Car Rentals – Taxi Cab Hire in Dehradun

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What is Carpooling?

Carpooling is an innovative idea of transport that involves passengers sharing a taxi to reduce the cost of travel. It is also an eco friendly and energy efficient mode of transportation that reduces fuel consumption of transport vehicles by using a single transportation vehicle to drop multiple passengers heading towards a common destination.

Delhi and Dehradun are two famous and important cities in the northern part of India that draws in a lot of travellers every day for commercial, business and travel purposes. The distance from Delhi airport to Dehradun in Uttarakhand is 266 kms which is a considerably long distance. Therefore, the price for a private Taxi to travel to Dehradun from Delhi airport is a little hefty on the wallet. Therefore, for a traveller to cover this distance while saving a good amount of money is to opt for carpooling which will significantly reduce the price. The average cost of a private taxi from Delhi airport to Dehradun is between 3500-5000 rupees depending upon the time of booking and the condition of traffic which may affect the cost accordingly. This huge price tag on the taxi fare can be reduced significantly by sharing the ride with other travellers travelling to the same destination.

There are many taxi services that operate from Delhi airport to Dehradun. But due to the significantly high cost of the taxi fare, solo travellers willing to pay the entire sum of money for a private taxi isn’t a common sight to see. To combat this, several taxi services in Dehradun and in Delhi provide carpooling service where travellers can choose to join other travellers that are travelling from Delhi airport to Dehradun and thereby split the cost of the travel journey. These taxi services operate as carpooling taxi services and prove as a cost-effective mode of travelling that doesn’t compromise with comfort and convenience.

Carpooling from Delhi to Dehradun isn’t as complicated as there are carpooling services especially dedicated to the purpose of carpooling. These taxi services provide a significantly lower cost of travel while still providing the same features and facilities of a private taxi. Travellers have a wide range of vehicles to choose from, to better suit their purpose of travel. A traveller travelling for business purpose can opt to share a taxi that is best suited for the same. While a traveller hoping to travel for fun can choose to share a vehicle that best fits this purpose. One can also choose a vehicle based on his budget. These taxi services provide vehicles that range from economical hatchbacks that are a little friendly on the pocket to sedans and prime sedans that provide comfort with extra legroom. There are also options for SUVs that can be shared with an even larger group of people and also provide room for extra luggage if one is planning to travel as such. Luxury cars are also an option for interested travellers that like to travel in style and comfort.

The distance between Delhi airport and Dehradun is a considerable 266 kms. The cities are however well connected with the NH 58 which makes the journey hassle free and as less time consuming as possible. Taxis are also the wiser choice in terms of time management and convenience with regards to luggage and comfort. Taxis manage to cut the time taken while travelling to a significant amount as compared to other modes of public transports. Taxis also have the advantage of being available at all times, because unlike public transport systems, taxi services tend to operate 24 hours a day and are easily accessible to travellers at all times.

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