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Malaysia Tourist Visa for Indians

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Malaysia tourist visa was newly introduced for Indian tourists who are fond of visiting Thailand or Singapore. This move was furthered by Malaysian government when they introduced the Malaysia visa online for travel enthusiasts and also for the betterment of their tourism. The online visa can be obtained by either the by tourist themselves or by working with faithful travel agents. However, there are three types of 3 types of Malaysia visa for Indian tourists:

  • Malaysia tourist ENTRI visa which is suitable for 15 days visa as tourist. With this visa you can enter direct from India, Thailand, Singapore and Brunei.
  • 30 days Malaysia tourist EVISA which allows the tourist for 30 days entry. With this type of visa you can enter from any country.
  • Malaysia tourist 30 days multiple EVISA-multiple because the former options are suitable for single entries while this can be applied for multiple times. This kind of visa also enables you to visit Malaysia from any country in the world.

The most cost effective idea is applying for an ENTRI visa which can be easily obtained. One can get an ENTRI visa approved within 2 hours whereas a Malaysia EVISA will take up to 8 working days.

To submit for an online visa, one needs to fill up a form that is available on the internet. Then they will call you and explain the entire process. However, while applying for an EVISA or ENTRI, one must proceed according to the following regulations;

  • Fill your Malaysia visa application form
  • The applicant is bound to make the initial payment if 10%of the fee and upload the required documents.
  • After the former process, the visa expert will call
  • They will verify the status of my visa and make the remaining payment

Certain Malaysia visa scams were found in recent years. One must do the following to avoid these scams:

  • One must initially make a transaction of 20% of the agreed upon fees. Websites asking for full payments in the primary stage must be avoided at all costs
  • An agent in the line PDF work usually charges INR 2800.agents charging an unreasonable amount of money must be avoided at all costs.
  • Websites charging on dollars must be avoided
  • Websites other than the official one must be avoided at all cost.

Malaysia visa requirements for Indians:

Apart from all of these, Indians on arrival are required to fulfill certain criteria:

  1. They must hold a valid tourist visa for Thailand, Singapore or Indonesia.
  2. They must have a valid return ticket to India
  3. They have at least 1000 USD with them to show as a proof of sustenance during their stay in Malaysia

Getting a visa after your arrival in Malaysia is a quite complicated process. First, it can take up to two working days. The Malaysian government charges more form an online visa. Besides, this with this visa, you can only stay in Malaysia for 7 days whereas with an online via you can extend your stay. Last but not the least, even applying for visa is not so easy since the queue too long which can exhaust your vacation mood.

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