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Equipment You Need For SMD Soldering

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The new and advanced SMD soldering method is an improvement over the earlier methods of soldering including through-hole soldering. Using the different SMD equipment including a soldering station, flux and sponges among other ensures that high-quality soldering is achieved, errors are reduced and the components and tools also get longevity.

SMD soldering may differ from through-hole soldering process as it is done by using a soldering iron. It may also use the hot-air blower or the SMD rework station. The surface mount soldering techniques for the different SMD components may vary because of the unique requirements of the applications. Reflow soldering may make use of the IR soldering process more nowadays, because of reduced operational cost and greater yields. After a brief moment and few sessions, SMD soldering turns to be easy for all. The necessary equipment for the process, the soldering station, has now improved greatly in its features and specifications and makes the task easier. Below are some of the most important equipment to be used in the SMD machine soldering process.

Soldering Station

Soldering equipment with good and advanced capability will easily reach to higher temperatures. In most cases, SMD soldering is carried out in between temperatures of 330°C and 340°C. But at other times, certain higher temperatures like 345°C or 350°C may also be required. Therefore, your soldering station should be able to attain these temperatures for the tip of the soldering iron. But because you would not be required to reach higher temperatures any further, do not choose a soldering station with the greatest of healing capabilities. Sometimes, you may be required to use your station at a temperature of 270°C as well. Hence you need to know the specifications of the soldering station fully before actually making the purchase. If your soldering station does not have the requisite features and capabilities you may be required to upgrade to a new one.

Wet Sponge 

The wet-sponge is quite handy during the soldering process. Apart from cleaning the surface of the tip, it may also lower the temperature of it. The wetness of the sponges is also critical towards preventing tip oxidation. As we know, oxidation impacts the longevity of the tips adversely.

Soldering Tip

The tip of the soldering iron should be smooth and clean. You should also choose the reasonably smallest of all tips for your iron, and never exceed the limit. The process of tinning will secure your tip for longest time intervals and also provide for better transfer of heat. Therefore, do not forget to tin the tip before actually using it for soldering. Sometimes you may be required to use the steel wool as well for cleaning the tip.


Tweezers help prevent accidental burning of the fingers of the hand. They may also be used to keep the components in their respective places rather easily. Tweezers are especially useful in handling the smaller components. Good quality tweezers come with smaller points. You may also like to have several tweezers at hand for doing high-quality soldering, which is free from errors to a greater extent.


The use of flux during soldering has multiple benefits. It removes all oxidized metal residues from the surface that is to be soldered. Flux will also not allow air to reach the surface and will prevent the further oxidation of the surface layer. It also improves the wetting characteristics of the solder, thereby providing for stronger joints. Solder bridges that can cause undesired connections are also prevented by the use of fluxes.

Lastly, you can also use the shoulder wicks that can be used for cleaning solder residue from the old pads. A leading supplier of industrial equipment including soldering station and SMD machine can provide to you the best of assembly equipment at an affordable cost.

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