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10 best shopping apps for Android of 2019!

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With the advent of the eCommerce industry, online shopping is increasing day-by-day and it has now become the most important part of any eCommerce business. Most of us love to purchase an item online with just a few searches rather than visiting a physical store. Also, smart phones have become one of the most integral parts of our lives, as more and more people are using mobile devices and tablets in order to purchase things online.Indeed, 82% of people use a mobile device for shopping; however, only 35% of users shop on their mobile devices. This has resulted in a rapid increase in eCommerce apps, which allows users to purchase items with just a few taps.People consider an online shopping app as an alternative to any eCommerce site on their mobile browser because not all the eCommerce sites are optimized to provide the best user experience on a browser.

The increasing use of mobile apps has inspired millions of business owners to create an eCommerce App to reach a wider audience and increase their sales. Even though there are a wide number of online shopping apps listed on Android, only a few apps are able to serve millions of users and generate considerable revenue. Here, we will provide the list of apps that have hold space on the user’s smartphone.Without further ado, let’s get started:

10 best shopping apps for Android of 2019!

1. Amazon

There is not any surprise in this eCommerce giant to top the list. Amazon serves more than 200 million users worldwide every month. Most of the people search their product on Amazon first because it has lightning-fast UI along with the wide selection of products in every category. It consists of a lot of filters so that you can find and purchase the product in just a few clicks. The app also use localization means it shows you offer from the nearby stores and businesses.To speed up the checkout process, it allows multiple payment gateways and real-time updates of the order status.

2. eBay

eBay app is the best example of an eCommerce app that takes the benefit of various smartphone features. The app allows users from all around the world to bid on anything they want. The search options are made flawless to improve the user experience of buyers and sellers.The app also provides barcode scanning for price comparisons, alerts about the auctions that a user is watching, autocomplete suggestions, etc.Moreover, it allows users to link their PayPal accounts for a faster checkout process.

3. Groupon

Groupon is a reputed service which allows users to unlock deals on products as well as experiences. It offers ‘deal of the day’ recommendation services for their customers. The app utilizes the localization feature to offer the best real-time offers near you, such as eating in a restaurant, shopping at a mall, hair salon appointment, etc.Users have an option to redeem the coupon code instantly to share it with their friends and family members and get cash back at participating restaurants.

4. Walmart

Walmart is one of the biggest retail giants, and it also consists of an app like amazon. Its app provides an excellent shopping experience to users from anyplace and anytime. It allows you to filter out and search products from wide categories and also provide access to the local inventory.Some essential features of the app consist of smart shopping lists using manufacturer’s coupon codes, payments through phone if you are in Walmart store, instant price calculations, order history allows you to reorder things with a single tap, quick checkout process and many more.One unique and popular feature is a savings catcher that loads discounts moving in your Walmart gift card if it notices price differences after you have completed a purchase.

5. H&M

H&M is one of the most well-known fashion companies around the world. Based in the USA, the firm has now made its presence worldwide. Its android app delivers a truly seamless experience with impulsive screen graphics and classy product menu which allows users to browse items with ease. The app allows you to scan items with the help of a barcode scanner and share instantly on social media with your friends. It also consists of a push notification feature that provides timely sales alerts and also allows you to search for different physical stores in your region.

6. Wish

Wish is an online shopping app for buying a wide range of clothing items for men, women, and kids. Apart from this, the company also sells different accessories and electronics gadgets at a very high discount.What makes wish different from other eCommerce apps is the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence, due to which users are able to find the products they need with ease, discarding all the irrelevant options. Because of its highly exceptional learning abilities, the higher you use Wish, the better it becomes in presenting you related recommendations of products. It allows you to connect with the international sellers easily and share goods with your friends.

7. Nykaa

Nykaa is one of the most popular apps for different kinds of Indian & International cosmetics and wellness products for women & men. Within just a few years, the app become popular because of its great discounts and offers strategy on branded items.With the help of its try-it-on feature, users are able to select suitable products without making much effort. Also, its push notification feature attracts more users as it reminds them regarding different ongoing deals that they shouldn’t miss.

8. Starbucks

Starbucks app is specially created to make payments and earn rewards via mobile devices. Users will be able to add money in their loyalty card and make use of smartphones to purchase drinks at the store, tip baristas, and obtain loyalty points anytime.The app allows users to download free music as well as games or find out all the nearby stores. Moreover, when a user collects a sustainable amount of gold card, they are eligible for free refills and food.

9. Nike

Nike is a world-renown brand for footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services. It is the best example of a highly-specialized app that serves a particular type of audience.Its mobile app uses a customer-centric strategy to achieve digital transformation by connecting both the physical and digital environments. Due to this, it is able to achieve a higher conversation rate.Using a barcode scanner, users have the full right to check the availability of the products and make a reservation for the same. Customers can also obtain the Nike plus membership. All the Nike plus members get access to exclusive Nike products, offers, and discounts. Also, it includes various other benefits such as a free-delivery facility, obtain reward points for in-app purchases and redeem them on the next purchase, etc.

10. Wanelo

Wanelo is an online community for all shoppers present worldwide. In other words, Wanelo is one of the most attractive ways of shopping stunning products posted by the app’s users on the integrated marketplace. It allows you to follow your favorite stores and users with different interests all in one place. You can depend on wanelo for browsing as well as finding products ranging from tiny boutiques to famous brands. The app shows daily products based on your personality and preferences. Wanelo understands your favorite style by constantly looking at the wardrobe of saved items


eCommerce Apps are becoming feature-rich with the integration of the latest technologies; hence a new app needs to work correctly and maintain its position in the market.The new apps require to be simple and effective to use and provide a shopping experience that lures more customers and helps to increase the conversation rate. The above 10 apps provide excellent user experience and we are definitely going to see highly innovative features in the near future.

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