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Data and Information about Chairs and Stools

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Chairs in a Cleanroom are certified and have different classes and those classes are class 10 chairs, class 100 chairs, class 1000 chairs, class 10,000 chairs, and class 1,00,000 chairs. Stools in a Cleanroom are also certified and have different classes class 100 stools, class 1000 stools, class 10,000 stools, and class 1, 00,000 stools. Only those Chairs and Stools are eligible to enter the Cleanroom which can prevent electrostatic charges and cause minimal particle emission. Chairs and Stools are very important things in a Cleanroom because employees in a Cleanroom face difficulties while breathing because of the masks they are wearing so at least there should be some Chairs and Stools for the employees to sit comfortably. The Chairs and Stools in a Cleanroom are made with antibacterial antimicrobial upholstery which is non-shedding. Chairs and Stools offer comfort features for the staff of your Cleanroom and those features are adjustable heights, adjustable backrests, lumbar supports tilts, colors, foot ring colors, and castors. The weight capacity of chairs and stools in a Cleanroom is 300 lbs.

What is Cleanroom?

Products such as electronics, pharmaceutical products, and medical equipment are built in a place which is called Cleanroom. Pollutants such as aerosol particles, airborne microbes, and dust are filtered in a Cleanroom so that an area is clean. Elements such as airflow, humidity and temperature can also be managed by a Cleanroom. A Cleanroom can also clean the outside air by eliminating all the contaminants, pollutants and particles which are in the outside air.

Types of Furniture in a Cleanroom

  1. Cleanroom Chairs: – The chairs in a Cleanroom are very comfortable so that the employees in the Cleanroom can sit comfortably on it. The Chairs in a Cleanroom have to clear criteria before entering in a Cleanroom. There are some tests that a Chair has to clear before entering a Cleanroom.
  2. Cleanroom Stools:- The Stools in a Cleanroom are those Stools which can prevent electrostatic charges and cause minimal particle emission. The Stools in a Cleanroom have to clear some criteria before entering the Cleanroom.
  3. Cleanroom Tables: – The Tables in a Cleanroom should be created from stainless steel. Stainless Steel Tables can be easily cleaned and are electrically conductive. For the sterile environment, Cleanroom Tables are created from stainless steel.
  4. Gowning Benches and Racks: – Stainless steel is the material used for creating Gowning Benches and Racks. There are compartments made in Gowning Benches and Racks for caps, shoes, and masks. Gowning Benches and Racks provide a comfortable space for the staff for changing their gowns and protective equipment.

It is very important to invest in the proper furniture of your Cleanroom because it not only shows the standard of your Cleanroom; it will also make the environment of your Cleanroom tidy and unhygienic. So perfect furniture plays an important role in the hygiene and standard of a Cleanroom.

Types of Chairs and Stools in a Cleanroom

There are different types of Chairs and Stools for a Cleanroom.

Types of Chairs

  1. Cleanroom Chairs
  2. ESD Safe Cleanroom Chairs

Types of Stools

  1. Cleanroom Stools
  2. Cleanroom ESD Stools
  3. Stainless Steel Stools
  4. Cleanroom Foot Stools

How to Buy the Perfect Furniture for a Cleanroom

  1. Specifications: – The material of the furniture should be non-shedding, nonporous because of the furniture made from these materials easy to clean. Proper documentation in writing should be given by the suppliers clearly written that the furniture matches the ISO classification requirements of your Cleanroom.
  2. Hygiene: – Before buying furniture for your Cleanroom make sure that it is easy to keep and maintain it clean and hygienic. Disinfectants cannot damage the furniture which is made from stainless steel or aluminum or furniture with powder-coated finishes.
  3. Resilience: – Make sure that you have the knowledge about the life of your furniture. It will be very beneficial for you to have knowledge about the lifespan of your furniture because it will help you in making sensible buying and plan for the replacements in the future.

For keeping the environment of a Cleanroom clean you should invest in that furniture which is having all the specifications, hygiene and resilience. If you will not invest in the perfect furniture according to your Cleanroom standard then the environment of your Cleanroom will not be clean and a Cleanroom whose environment is not clean, it will never be hygienic.


Chairs and Stools are a very important part of a Cleanroom because it provides comfort to your staff, maintains the hygiene of your Cleanroom and increases the standard of your Cleanroom.

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