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7 Things to Consider Before Buying a Smart TV

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Everything in today’s day and age is evolving. Rental movie services have been transforming into streaming services like Netflix or YouTube. The technology is taking the grip and you can see many brands coming up with their innovative smart TVs. Majority of the brands have introduced their own versions of Smart TVs in the market that support almost all the streaming services. The audience gets to enjoy their favorite content on a big screen.

There is a lot of variations in the prices of the Smart TV that you can find in the market. Many brands have been competing on quality, pricing, and features as well. However, some brands like Samsung or TCL give you the combination of all, while the Samsung TV price in Pakistan is also reasonable. Buying a Smart TV is a smart thing to do as you will get to enjoy a list of features on your Smart TV that a normal TV wouldn’t be able to do so. However, there are quite some things that you need to know before you purchase a Smart TV, regardless of the brand. Here are some of the basic things listed down below that will help you in evaluating your Smart TV well.

The Operating System

Now you will have to check the operating system on the TV and if it supports Android or Apple devices. Many times people buy Smart TVs that don’t have an up-to-date operating system and thus the TV becomes just another outdated appliance. Check if the TV works with the most recent version of the Operating System and if it supports the multiple updates as well.

HDMI Ports

No one wants just a TV anymore since we have just too many devices to connect with it. Media streaming devices, DVD players, game consoles, and even the laptop needs to be connected to your Smart TV. Hence it is very important know how many ports are available and you would need HDMI ports for the USB slots as well as for the SD card slot. Having a Smart TV and then using it without a home theatre or speaker is just a waste.

Inbuilt Apps

Well, you are spending your hard-earned money on a device, so make sure it is a good device. You need to check if your TV supports the inbuilt apps. It is very important as your TV can provide you more functionalities if you have inbuilt apps in it.

Check Reviews

This is very important, not just for a Smart TV but for any appliance or device that you plan to buy. You can check the reviews of Smart TV from various sites to know about its features more. You will also get to know how much the TV has the capability to be transformed into complete home entertainment. While checking reviews, you will be able to evaluate if a certain TV has its pros more or cons and then you will be able to make a good decision for Tablets for College in 2020.


No matter which TV you are buying but it is very important to have a nice display. There are a lot of variations in the resolution of Smart TVs. You can get a full HD display, which is the cup of tea for most of the buyers of Smart TV. A full HD TV  or 4K TV will give you an image quality that will have greater depth and sharpness. Since it is a Smart TV so you would be watching a lot of digital content, which is usually in 1080p quality. Having a TV that supports the high-resolution content will allow you to enjoy your shows and movies more.

TV Screen

If you are buying a TV that says LED or LCD, it means that you are buying old technology, but doesn’t mean it’s bad. An OLED screen will emit the light better from the screen and you will get a better image quality. OLED is the new technology and you can very visibly see the difference between the two. Furthermore, if you want more realistic images on your screen then you should definitely go with an HDR screen.

Clear and Crisp Sound

It would be a total waste if you get an amazing Smart TV that doesn’t have an impressive sound technology. There will be no great viewing experience if there isn’t a great picture and sound both present in a Smart TV. You should check the sound of the TV that you are buying if it is amplifying and maintaining the clarity of the sound even with extensive background noise. Moreover, Surround Sound is yet another feature that you should look in your Smart TV. This will give you an amazingly rich, crisp sound quality. You will get amazing coordination of the visual and audio enhancing your Smart TV experience.

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So, these are the few things that will enable you to put your ‘Mr. Know-it-all’ hat and bring home the complete Smart TV experience.

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