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A Feature-Rich & High-Tech Mobile Tracker App – TheOneSpy

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TheOneSpy is one of the most trusted mobile tracker apps rightly accessible in the spy market. It enables the end-user to monitor and control a smartphone without physical access. It offers a wide range of features enabling the end-user to track and operate a smartphone via web portal. The app can be subscribed in a reasonable amount for a specific time period. In this article, we have reviewed the mobile tracker app to let you know more about it.

TheOneSpy Android Mobile Tracker App

The technologists have developed a high-tech cell phone spying app letting parents and employers to closely watch out cell phone activities of children and employees. Once you install the app on an android phone, you can trace the phone via web portal of the app. The app gets access to important phone data including messages, call history, contacts, emails, photos, videos and so on. It creates a secret online backup of this data by uploading it to the online portal of TOS. Moreover, it controls camera and microphone of the targeted device to let the user monitor surroundings.

Core Features of App

The cell phone surveillance app offers scores of high-tech spying features. We have discussed here only most significant features of the app.

Screen Recording

The app allows recording whatever appears on the targeted phone screen. It starts screen recording on receiving remote command sent from the online control panel. The short video of the screen get uploaded to the web portal from where the end-user can retrieve it anytime.


The spy app for cell phone offers real-time and on-demand screenshots to capture whatever appears on the phone screen. The screenshots can be captured and retrieved through the web portal.

Call Recording

The phone calls received and made via targeted phone can be traced with the help of android surveillance app. The end-user can listen to the phone calls of the target and can access call history and contact numbers of callers and receivers. Moreover, the app allows blocking incoming calls from specific numbers.

Surround Monitoring

The real-time activities of the target can be monitored with the help of spyware software. It turns on camera or microphone of the target device to let the end-user watch out surroundings.

Remote Control Apps

The applications installed on the phone can be remotely managed via online control panel. The end-user can block or unblock access to certain mobile apps. Also, the spyware app allows uninstalling apps without accessing the phone.

Read Messages

The end-user can read all incoming and outgoing SMS, MMS, social media chats, emails, group chats and instant messages of the target without accessing the phone. The contact information of message senders and receivers can also be retrieved.

Access Browsing History

The app provides access to the internet browsing history of the targeted phone. It enables the end-user to evaluate internet usage of the object.

Monitor Social Media

The spyware app tracks Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, Skype, Line, Tumblr, Telegram, IMO, Viber, Hangout, WhatsApp and many commonly used social and instant messaging apps. The end-user can access conversations made via above mentioned apps. Also, they can watch posts, comments, friend-list and follower-list of the object.

Compatible Devices

The app is compatible with all mobile phones running Android OS 5+. It supports all mobile phone networks and runs on Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, Huawei, Haier and many other smartphones except TCL.


The price of android monitoring software ranges from $15 to $45 per month. The difference in price is caused by package plan and subscription period. The price changes from time to time. You can check out the latest price of android tracker app here.

What are Pluses?

  • This monitoring solution is also for unrooted android devices.
  • The app icon is concealable.
  • It is inexpensive as compared to competitor spy apps.
  • There is a navigator app that allows controlling the spy app from the home screen of your phone.

What are Minuses?

  • There is no trial version available.
  • The premier package only runs on rooted devices.

The Bottom Line

When compared with other mobile tracker apps, the android monitoring solution of TOS is found to be the most advanced, feature-rich and reasonably priced app. It is completely undetectable and performs all functions with efficiency and confidentiality.

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