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CASB:New Trend in Information Security

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Cloud usage has become increasingly common in businesses, largely because of the ease it brings. For companies, it’s much more worthwhile to keep their data and programs in digital spaces than in large, data-intensive data centers, for example.

Therefore, understanding what is CASB is very important! This is because this concept is closely related to information security in cloud computing and this is what we will talk about in this post.

Read on and understand what CASB is, why it is a trend in information security and what its pillars are. That way you can put it into practice in your business!

What is CASB?

CASB is an acronym for Cloud Access Security Broker, something that can be translated into our language as Cloud Access Security Broker. It is cloud hosting software – or locally – that sits between cloud computing consumers and service providers.

CASB contributes to greater control over the security of on-premises infrastructure for the cloud. This is because it enforces security policies, corporate governance and data compliance.

Understanding what CASB is and using it is relevant to wiping out the concept of Shadow It in the enterprise. This means that IT will have control over all computer services that are used in an organization. This will allow you to adopt best practices to prevent the leakage of sensitive data, for example.

Why is it a trend in information security?

CASB is a trend in information security because of the many benefits it provides for businesses. See the main ones!

Real time tracking

Relationships and interactions have become much faster and more dynamic with the advent of new technologies. This makes it a bit tricky for IT pros to track software usage and cloud data storage in all areas of a business, for example.

CASB guarantees fast and convenient real-time monitoring. In addition, it also provides complete reporting with data and infractions so that problems are quickly identified and resolved.

Data Analysis Improvements

As we explained, CASB generates full reports of company information traffic. Imagine, for example, that these documents identify that accesses were made in a city where there are no company employees working. In this case, the access may have been made by someone malicious.

Therefore, some measures can be taken, such as security enhancement, tracking and password change, so that the situation does not recur at other times.

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Credential Mapping

CASB also conducts credential analysis of company employees. Thus, there are no problems, such as falsifying or duplicating employee logins, for unauthorized users to access company data.

It is a common practice for hackers and cybercriminals to falsify credentials. This is why mapping is so important and should be a well-developed practice.


It is also a CASB assignment to authenticate applications that are open in the cloud. In this way, various types of access control can be created, such as codes and passwords, to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing programs and applications for business use.

What are the pillars of CASB?

There are four pillars of CASB, that is, the concepts that justify the relevance of this type of software. Check out the following topics!


Companies should give visibility and have control over the services developed. In this way, IT may authorize certain services and have access control on activities and data that are used in the programs.

Business device users, for example, may have unrestricted access to programs such as Microsoft Office. However, for those using unmanaged devices, only the web version is available.


Companies need to be careful when transferring data to the cloud. We must follow current laws so that the use and processing of information does not generate fines and penalties to the organization.

The General Data Protection Act (LGPD) , which will take effect from 2020, for example, requires companies not to disclose or trade data about their customers, employees and suppliers. Therefore, understanding what CASB is and putting it into practice helps to comply with this new legislation.

Sign on

Information control should always be performed in companies, which must control user access. Sign on ensures the identification of employees, suppliers, visitors and others who may have access to the programs.

With CASB, all of this becomes easier and easier with employee identification and file authentication.

Data security

CASB enables IT to efficiently transfer data without suspected violations. This makes detection mechanisms such as Data Loss Prevention (DLP) even more effective.

Threat protection

It is also the responsibility of companies to ensure that their employees do not introduce cloud malware and threats. Because of this, security policies that are implemented with CASB also ensure that this type of practice does not occur.

Why is CASB a tool for preventing cloud data loss?

One of the key functions of CASB is to prevent cloud data loss so that it becomes less vulnerable to accidents, leaks and malicious access.

CASB makes it possible to quickly identify leaks so that appropriate measures can be taken and serious consequences avoided. Understand what CASB is and why it is a new trend in information security? It is certainly an interesting option to develop in your company!

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