Elements you should consider before making your gun safe selection.


Many weaponsafe manufacturers advertise more than is acceptable for their goods. Sadly, canny interior design generally leads to the inclusion of racks and other features, which hold rifles too close together. Interiors built in this manner would certainly not suit weapons with large front ends, arms, long barrels and magic wells.

Therefore, when you choose to equip 10 carbohydrates or bolt action guns, note that a weapon better than 10 weapons is likely to fit. However, if there are rifles that have guns, the safe only takes 5 guns comfortably.The same is true for weapons that take on extra space using pistol grips and other accessories.

For handgun safes, it is necessary to remember that smaller fire proof gun safes are used in the storage of valuables such as jewelry by other family members. Play video Think how stressful it is if you have to flip through countless other things to get to your gun, especially in the case of an emergency!

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The bottom line is to select a gun that is safer than you need.To order to accommodate new additions to your range, it is also financially fair to buy a weapon safe, rather than discovering that one must buy a further safe a few months down the road.


In circumstances of crisis, it is crucial to quickly reach your gun. Therefore,’ Quick Access’ can be a priority for you, especially if you have handguns. Nevertheless, you will not necessarily have to have access to your arsenal in an emergency if you use only your handguns in the gun range or for hunting trips.

Clearly, the usability of your weapons will be impaired once your guns are safe in your home. For families with children, in an environment where the children don’t have access to, for example, in a locked office or house, you would prefer to keep your weapon safe. You may however prefer to keep your gun safe in your bedroom near your bed when you have ready access to your gun.

The type of locking mechanism you choose will also greatly affect accessibility. Later on in this guide, we will look at locks in more detail.


Not all gun safes are made equal to each other and choosing the appropriate size is one of your most important choices.

If selecting the right dimension gun safe for your needs, the advertising measurements vendors offer for the item must be carefully considered.

The marketed size of a gun safe frequently varies from its actual size by one inch or even more. Once you take your new weapon comfortably, this can be extremely frustrating only to discover that it does not work in the space you are allocating! It pays for an extra inch to make the whole designated area when you buy online.Perhaps the safest strategy, before you make an internet buy that saves you some money, is to see the gun safe in a store showroom.

You should also be aware that most companies only advertise the external dimensions of their weapons. If you have long barrel rifles or resting air rifles, the internal dimensions can be crucial. When making a purchase, please verify that your firearm suits comfortably within the vehicle securely with the gun manufacturer or distributor.

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