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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

How Alexa Can Now Control Your X Box One

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Alexa, answer the call’

‘Alexa, switch off the lights’

‘Alexa, do this, do that.’

Efficient little Alexa performs all the tasks for us while the lazy us sit back on a couch and enjoy. This smart device has never disappointed us. Do we all agree on this? I think we do. Just when we thought that is the most Alexa can do for us, she got blessed with another feature. This new addition is good news for the gamers as Alexa can now control the X Box One as well! After Spectrum Triple Play with its amazing packages, Alexa has impressed me now.

Let me now give you a little sneak peek into the new feature. And all other things that Alexa is capable of doing.

Generous Alexa

Alexa allows you to make donations online. All you have to do is command her by saying:

‘Alexa, make a donation.’

And before you know, she will display the organizations before you where you can make a donation at. Once you select it, she will inquire the dollar amount that you intend to donate. As of now, 120 organizations are linked to this feature. Many organizations like Doctors without Borders and American Heart Association accept voice donations via Alexa.

Let’s Escape into the Music

Who doesn’t love music? Well, Alexa realized there are hardly any people who fall in the ‘I don’t’ category. Hence, Alexa has a feature that enables you to hear music in every corner of the house that you go to. All you need is:

  • Multiple echo devices
  • Wi-Fi

Connect your echo devices with Wi-Fi network at your home. Group these in the Alexa app, go to the settings in the app, adjust them accordingly and enjoy!

Which Wine Goes With My Food?

If you find yourself wondering about the perfect wine match for your food, you are not alone. I have been there many times and I know the struggle. I used to find it hard and ring my friends until the day Alexa came into my life. All I say is ‘Alexa, open Wine Finder.’ And she does as commanded. I tell her the food that I am having and in an instant, she recommends the wine I should pair up with my meal.

Hey, There Peer Alexa!

This feature is pretty cool, btw. Before I introduce you to this feature, let me tell you that A (my nickname for Alexa) is quite smart. She can scan the contacts from your mobile contact list who have an Echo device or have installed an Alexa app. You can then enjoy calling from one Alexa app to another. Works like BB pin! doesn’t it!

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Get Those Muscles Moving

‘A’ cares about your health and wants you to stay in shape. That is why it allows you to command it with the words ‘Alexa start 7-minute workout’. The moment you say this, the smart device will choose a workout regime for you. These routines are designed to increase your metabolism and remove extra fat layers on your chubby body (sorry for making you feel bad). But yeah, follow the steps presented in the workout and burn the calories!

Never Spend Extra

All you American Express cardholders, Alexa’s here to manage your accounts for you. Now you do not need to find an ATM to check your account’s balance or head to the online website. ‘Alexa, open Amex’ are the three magic words. You say them and ‘A’ will immediately connect to your account. You can then make all your balance related inquiries or even make a payment.

Check the Weather Maybe?

Before you head out for a trip or have to go out for groceries, it is always a good idea to see what the weather will be like. ‘A’ guides you not only regarding the weather in general in your city but provides you the forecast based on your street address. Woah! Talk about customization.

Now that we have discussed enough of ‘A’s’ existing qualities, let’s talk about the latest feature.

Alexa and X Box One

Game lovers will be glad to know that from powering their console on to launching games, Alexa will do it all for them. However, this can only be done if you own an Echo device or any other device that comes with an inbuilt Alexa. X Box One now has the skill to connect to Alexa directly. However, there is one more effort that you need to make and that is setting a Microsoft account and linking it to Alexa.

This move came as a result of Microsoft failing to add the voice control feature to X Box One itself. Poor Microsoft. It had one job. Jokes apart, I cannot wait to try this new feature. I can’t help it. I just enjoy talking to Alexa. Actually, I like talking to two people the most. Spectrum customer support rep (love the courteous tone), and then Alexa!

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