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How Will Robots Rule the World in the Upcoming Future?

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Do you know that Artificial Intelligence is predicted to become an immoral dictator in the near future? With smart machines and robots ruling the world, scientists are making dramatic predictions about the future. AI has evolved and sinister robots are in the spotlight today. They have become effective marketing tools.

In the previous century, there were predictions that all the energy shortage problems would be solved by the end of the 20th century. Yet here we are, dealing with the same problems still and not even close to the solutions. Yes, we do have 2 Gbps of internet speeds today. Well, I still have a subscription to one of the Cox bundles with 500 Mbps of max speed. When it comes to technological advancement, AI is one thing we have come a long way with.

Pessimistic Predictions

 Some of the smartest minds in the world have some scary predictions to make regarding AI and smart machines. They claim that robots will jeopardize jobs in every sector and across the globe. They will not be restricted to jobs related to industrial production. Robots will be performing the jobs and roles of doctors, lawyers, journalists, and so on. Since they are brilliant at what they are made to do, they will replace all the human jobs. Hence resulting in political instability and mass poverty.

Optimistic Predictions

 Optimists are predicting a paradise full of robots taking care of all the chores, making work some sort of ancient concept. All the tedious problems, which humans face in relationships, will finally end. And robot partners will fulfill our basic needs and our deepest longings. They think it is going to be a perfect life.  

Expert Opinion

 According to the gurus of the field of robotics, the pessimists can relax and the optimists need to lower their expectations. They believe that we will be witnessing plenty of robots in the near future. In the next two decades, robots will be recognized as machines. And they will be efficient enough to match a good number of fundamental human skills. They are going to be helping hands at many things and will be effectively performing many roles. But they won’t be taking over the world.

Let’s see how they will serve us in the near future!

Work Capacity

It wouldn’t be right to say that robots will “rule” the world. But smart robots will give tough competition to human beings in various fields. For instance, a robot has reportedly beaten the world’s second-best golf player. Not only they don’t get tired unlike humans, but they are also becoming smarter. They can tirelessly work in industrial production units. They can do a lot, limiting the need for human jobs.

When more and more people become jobless, governments and people will face new challenges. Take the instance of taxi drivers. With self-driven cars and drone taxis, tens of thousands of human drivers will lose their jobs. The possibilities of robots replacing human jobs are endless.

The World Full of Robots

 It’s hard to predict exactly how a world full of robots will function. It will not be the same as depicted in Hollywood movies. If we consider the possibility of robots working as programmed by humans, they will be only serving humankind. They will make things easier for us. With the refinement of Artificial Intelligence, we don’t expect malfunctions and glitches in the functionality of robots.

However, in case of a malfunction, it would be a challenge to deal with a force of robots. We just hope that since the machines are getting smarter and the algorithms are becoming better, such glitches will be avoided. Still, it is a human-made technology. The chances of malfunction, even if they are 1% can cause havoc. Take the instance of driverless cars. If something goes wrong in their hardware, we can end up having massive accidents. Voice assistants, if malfunctioned, can perform wrong tasks.

AI Ethics

AI ethics is a concept under consideration. Many believe that there should be some limitations to the functions and performance of robots. Silicon Valley is also considering these ethics. These ethical codes go a little beyond the simple laws of Isaac Asimov. For instance, a robot does not injure a human being. But they can let humans come to harm. This ethic is understandable and applicable when it comes to the function of robots.

Google has also stepped forward with some ethical codes to govern the use and research of AI. But we cannot deny the fact this front needs to addressed and improved a lot. While robots hold great potential in serving humanity, especially in the sector of healthcare, they still need to be refined in terms of ethics.

 Robots are already been designed for elderly care and will be functional by 2022. Therefore, we cannot deny the magnitude of services they can provide. While I was searching about Cox Internet Plans, I stopped on an informative piece about how robots can even help in the underground installation of fiber cables. This can help in giving access to fiber internet to the whole country without having to use manpower.

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