Introduction to Cloud Computing and its Growing importance

For the process of moving services and applications to the internet, the term cloud computing was introduced. Cloud computing is not the technology that appeared overnight, But it took years to come into existence. When computer systems started sharing resources and computing applications remotely, it is related to that time.

If you want to stand out of the crowd of job applicants you must have the most demanding skill such as cloud computing. Microsoft is offering a cloud certification named Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-103). An AZ-103 practice exam provided by third parties is crucial to understand the environment for examination.

If you are interested in exploring cloud computing. This page is right for you. In simple words, different types of services and applications that are delivered over the internet are known as cloud computing. Devices that are using cloud computing will not require any additional hardware, software or any other services to work on the cloud.

Here is a brief introduction to cloud computing.

Introduction to Cloud Computing:

On the pay-as-you-go basis, delivery of computing power, databases, applications, storage, and other IT resources over the internet through a cloud services platform is known as cloud computing. All these services are on-demand. Why it is called cloud computing? Because of the information that is on the cloud. To access that information we’ve to access the cloud first. There is no need to be in a specific office, area or region to access the information. This is the beauty of cloud computing.

All data on the cloud can be accessed over the internet because users can store files and applications on the remote server. These days almost everyone is using the cloud, listening to music online, sending emails and accessing data online are some examples.

Cloud Computing Administrator handles all this for an organization. Microsoft Azure Administrator is a course to understand the basic concepts of cloud computing and how to administrate them. Az-103 practice exam material will help to prepare for the exam because only a certification can guarantee your skills.

What Cloud Computing can Do?

About a decade ago, the first cloud service came into being. Now, the time has been changed. A number of organizations, whether small or big, government agency or non-profit, are using cloud computing for efficiency and mobility in their work.
Here I enlisted some points for you to understand what cloud computing can do.

  • An organization can develop new services and applications using cloud computing.
  • Using cloud computing, an individual or organization can host websites or blogs. This is a great example of using cloud computing. You can access any website from anywhere at any time in the world.
  • Recovery of data in cloud computing is far easy than traditional ways.
  • While using cloud services you can set up automatic backup daily, weekly or monthly depending on your subscription and cloud service provider.
  • You can easily increase storage capacity by just sending a request to your cloud provider and you have to pay for that.
  • Streaming audios and videos are easy in cloud computing. Anyone can access them because of the cloud server.

Why Cloud Computing is Important?

As we have seen many advantages of cloud computing. Various companies are adopting this technology to become more efficient and reduce cost. For individuals, this skill is important to start a good career in IT. For IT professionals, this skill can enhance their learning and experience and that will obviously result in career development.

For a business, cloud computing can also provide many benefits. It can reduce cost of server installation and maintenance. It can increase efficiency. It can generate more revenue. It can spare time for other tasks. It can increase mobility that will increase the response rate.

Ending Words:

Cloud computing transformed traditional computing digitally. With the passage of time, technologies are changing. Cloud computing is a hot trend now. Adopting it can provide many benefits.

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