The 10 citation building myths plaguing local SEO services:

What is a local citation?

A local quote is an online reference to the name, address and telephone number of the local company. Quotes can occur in local business directories, websites and social media applications and platforms. Quotation marks help internet users find local businesses and can influence the ranking of local search engines.

1. If the quote does not contain a serial number, you must stop all operations and decide.

Truth: at least some Google companies don’t know the number of the Suite. Even if you access your Suite number in Google My Business, it does not translate into the Google Map Maker “Suite number” field: it is easy to remove. When determining the position of the real, Google is more concerned with the position of the company, and more input the true word, because there are various ways to name the street names. Google Possum Update recently introduced a location-based search filter. We have seen that this is related to the address and distance from other companies in the same sector from your location. Regardless, if you have a Suite number in Google My Business, it doesn’t matter.

2. There is no risk in using the automatic reference service

You may be asked to cancel your membership in the NAP Management Company. Recent evidence shows that after canceling the services of a NAP management company, the list has returned to a previous error state.

However, this information has not been validated universally. Therefore, if your business is relatively new, it may not be affected, as if your previous online business had been.

3. The nuances of the company name enclosed in quotation marks are large.

Suppose your company names are “State Farm: Bob Smith”, “Bob Smith Insurance”, and “Bob Smith State Farm”. As Mike Blumenthal said, “Trust the algorithm a bit.” If Google doesn’t realize that these three names are in the same industry (especially if the address and phone number are the same), then you face a serious problem. Google has a lot of duplicate lists and you can’t follow them either. If there is a significant difference between an address and a phone number, there are currently a lot of duplicates.

“I saw it in a law firm. The company could change in three years from” Fletcher, McDonald’s and Jones “to” Fletcher, Jones, and Smith. ” Triangulate through 3 different data points of name, address, and phone number.

4. What you need to do to succeed on local SEO is to create a quote:

Our research shows that creating citations is important to regaining links, but if you rely solely on citations, it may not be very useful for your business. Google sees these links as an important competitive advantage of “My Business Rankings“, so you need to find other better link building strategies than your competitors.

5.NAP cleaning requires hundreds of site list changes:

Truth: SEO companies use this strategy to make them work well. They asked them to pay small businesses to clean up the offer. Scan your incorrect data and send a list of hundreds of directories containing error messages. This will immediately surprise you, make you panic and advertise on Google, so you will immediately realize that you have to spend hours cleaning up this.

Let’s take a look at the example I saw. is a website that has access to a small catalog of hundreds of newspaper websites. If your ad on is incorrect, it may appear as an error in hundreds of directories. For example, the three lists are in different domains, but when you look at the page they are the same and everyone will see “” at the top.

6. Misspelled company names and other errors can be harmful:

The error is artificial and can cause an error in the company name. Also, if another company lists companies with the wrong name, it won’t upset you. With Google’s artificial intelligence, you can combine other details, such as phone number, address, and name, to resolve errors encountered during the referral process.

7. Automatic quota of local quota is a waste of resources

It seems expensive, a waste of hard work resources, but in the end, it is a worthwhile investment. Service providers such as Auto Counts are likewise only consulting local companies to the community. As they look at your company elsewhere, there is no better way than to call a new customer service. A hiring marketing company, the results will be clear within a few days.

8. You must be registered with an automated support service provider

Companies like Ahvaz and Moo Local can help resolve business disputes, but their subscriptions do not make the business a success. Revenue and customization are on the local online platform, and tabloids are gradually increasing.

9. Creating a reference is the only type of strategy for creating links that are needed to succeed in local SEO.

Many Local SEO Company give the impression that the appointment is the only backlink strategy. For small businesses, it is essential to classify them in a plan with three packages. According to Bright Local’s research, 72% of local SEOs use partnership agreements to establish links.

The Local Search Engine Optimization Guide describes in your study of the local search rank factor that, although quotation marks are important, this is the only backlink strategy you use, you will not find them probably not in the competitive market, even in Google My Business. Rankings, links are also an important competitive advantage. So, if you are in a very competitive sector or market and want to dominate 3 rooms, you have to look for other backlink strategies in addition to dating.

10. Google My Business Listing is also a quote:

Probably the most misunderstood on the internet today for local SEO. Your Google My Business list is not an appointment, but consider it a common reference point for all dating on the internet. That is why your priority must be to correctly define your project.

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