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What would cause glass in a fireplace door to suddenly explode

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As we all know that fireplace glass doors are usually made up of tempered glass. It is heat resistant to almost about 400 to 450 degrees. But there are chances that that glass in fireplace door explode or burn. It is advised to keep at least one door of the fireplace glass open in order to avoid damage.

Many people complain that they might get burns or even the glass door explode. In this article we will see what are some of the reasons, which cause glass in a fireplace door to suddenly explode? Also, we will see if there is any serious damage to it or not.  So, without any further delay let’s start.

Nothing can be more enjoyable and calming than a warm fireplace in winter. But there are some chances when theses fireplace glass may explode or shattered. It may sound unusual but glass fireplace door may fail and you should be aware of the risks. 

Also, if your fireplace glass door shatters it is mainly due to the reason that it is old or something like that. There are mainly two big reasons that your fireplace glass door explodes. Let us have a look at them.

Substantial Damage 

First things first. Physical or substantial damage is the first thing which occurs when a fire glass door explodes or shatter. Which you should keep in mind. You have to take a lot of care of it. Glass makers do not often guarantee their tempered glass. So, it is your responsibility to have a look at that.

A simple scratch on the fireplace glass door may weaken it. An accident such as hitting your elbow, children playing around through their toys in it. And something like these may break the glass. 

These kinds of certain accidents may happen. But you have to avoid them in order to be safe from any kind of damage. Stop children playing around them. Stop preventing broken fireplace doors can help you a lot in such a manner. Also, avoid using cleansers on them. This is also one of the causes which may break the glass.   

Thermal Vulnerabilities 

Alongside substantial damage. Thermal vulnerabilities are also one reason which one should keep in mind. As most of the fireplace glass doors are made up of tempered glass. So, it is resistant to high heat temperature up to almost 400 to 450 degrees. It results in higher strength and thermal shock resistance.

No matter even if the glass is tempered, it is still vulnerable to heat and may break at any time. Although it can resist heat temperature of 400 to max 500 if the temperature is exceeded above such as 600 or 700 degrees then surely at any point there are chances that it may explode.

Higher temperature will eventually make a fireplace glass door to fail and at last, it might explode or shatter. Although it is meant that higher temperatures of heat age the glass. But this is not the case. 

There occurs thermal expansion of heat or thermal contraction. If the glass expands. It presses the metal frames. It is advised to monitor the heat temperature. If you feel the temperature is high kept the tempered glass doors open or replace it with the ceramic glass. Because ceramic glass can also resist high heat temperature.  So, using one is a good idea in many ways as it can save you from damages.

Another important thing to remember is that tempered glass breaks spontaneously at any point. And you cannot predict it when this happens. So, it is important for you to have a look at all of these conditions in order to be safe.

After this detail discussion and explanation, you might get clear to a point that what causes a glass in a fireplace door to explode or shatter exactly. All you need to do is understand the heating temperature of your glass and also prevent it from certain starch or accidents. And you are good to go with your fireplace. Because everyone loves to enjoy and be calm by the warmth in winters.


This article will take you through in detail which explains to you that what are some of the reasons which cause a fireplace glass door to break. The fire glass door is made up of tempered glass. Which is resistant to higher temperatures of heat. But there are certain points when you do not realize and it may break or explode.

If you exceed the temperature to a limit. So, in such circumstances, you have to be very careful and also prevent yourself from hitting in the glass door or prevent children from playing around it. In order to be safe from any hazard.

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