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New tyres on old cars or old tyres on new cars?

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Which are better, place new tyres in old cars or vice versa? What is the best option in terms of tyre performance? We will answer these two questions in this article.

Tyres are much more complex components than it may seem at first glance. Many factors influence the performance and useful life that for motorists often go unnoticed and which, however, should be known.

Things as daily as the temperature, the presence of water or humidity on the road, our way of driving, the general maintenance of the vehicle, the age of the car tyrein Bahrain.

Is the vehicle a determinant of tyre performance?

If so, how do you do it?

When talking about the aging of the vehicle fleet, the border is usually set at the age of 10 years. It is estimated, for example, that a car with more than ten years is twice as likely to suffer an accident.

This is related above all to the development and incorporation of new technologies for both active and passive safety; systems lacking the older vehicles such as brakes with ABS, control system stability, system emergency braking, anti – fatigue system.

A vehicle that has just left the factory may instead have the majority of these new systems … but what happens to that same new vehicle and all those systems when the car rides worn tyres? On the opposite side, what benefits do you get a vehicle over 10 years old that rides new premium tyres?

Quality Tyres Always Guarantee Optimum Performance

The answer is clear: quality tyres and in perfect condition guarantee us full performance and optimal performance of the vehicle in all situations, from the tracing of a curve to an emergency braking, passing by dodging an obstacle or just a rainy day. .

That is to say, the behavior of a vehicle of more than ten years with new premium tyres in any situation will be better and safer than that of a vehicle with worn out tyres or in bad conditions, no matter how new it is or for many systems. security you have.

It should not be forgotten that many of these mentioned systems (ABS, emergency braking etc.) base much of their efficiency on the state (and efficiency) of other vehicle components, such as the brakes, the suspension system and of course the tyres.

And it is that with worn tyres you need to travel a greater distance to brake, adhesion in the curves is lost, the chances of skidding or aquaplaning are increased…

Don’t Play It with Your Tyres

The conclusion? If the car is old, just having some tyres in good condition will guarantee the response we need in an emergency situation, as well as the safety, comfort, durability and consumption conditions.

Are you going to play them? Let yourself be advised by a vehicle maintenance and repair professional or by a tyre expert when choosing the most suitable and efficient wheels for your car.

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