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10 best home remedies for teething

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When you get to feel a sharp, little hard gum with your finger or suddenly spot a white flash when your baby gives you a smile, then you become excited thinking your baby started teething

But it is not the same for your little ones as they can’t express their irritability in words.Many mothers are worried at times thinking how to deal with teething woes. 

The common symptoms:

  • Irritable behaviour or crankiness
  • Drooling
  • Sore or tender gums
  • Discomfort and swollen red gums
  • Rubbing of cheeks or ear
  • Rashes around the mouth
  • Crying while eating
  • Decreased appetite
  • Chewing on solid objects

Baby’s teething period

When a baby is born, she has a full set of structured teeth buds placed in her jaw. Till the age of four months, this will continue to grow underneath her gums. From 4 to 6 months of age onwards, teething symptoms will start to show.

Now, don’t be wondering that your baby starts to grumble before you see the first tooth. Before her teeth come out, it is actually putting pressure on her gums and creating a mouth ache. 

The nerves are present in and around gums even on the cheeks and ears as well. These areas will also face discomfort due to this pain. Her body releases a chemical that helps her gums to become less dense so that the teeth can come out easily.

The two bottom front teeth that are lower central incisors usually appear first, continued by the two top front teeth that are upper central incisors. The entire teething process may take 3 years of time.

Let us now check out the 10 best teething home remedies to relieve this pain of your sweet darling.

Some babies might have all the above listed symptoms while many may not face any of the signs.Some teeth might provide herwith restless nights, while others may pop up one day without suffering. 

Whichever you find, there are various ways that will soothe your baby when she requires it.You can definitely experiment and mix and match your methods with each new tooth to check what really works for your child.

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  • A little cold or frozen food

Little chilled food items like cold fruit purees or a small chunk of frozen plum or banana give her in a baby feeder mesh bag so that she can gnaw on safely. 

This will numb her gums a little and soothe her from the irritation. You can experiment with the cold food by following 6 month baby diet chart

If your child learned to drink water from a cup, then you can also serve her with cold water to sip.

Some vegetables like carrot or cucumber can also be cut into slice to allow toddlers who have started eating solids. But make sure you are watching while doing this activity. 

  • Teething toys

Organic teething rings like unfinished wooden teething rings are best as they are bite-proof. Try to avoid liquid filled teether as it can break open under pressure. 

If you are not buying organic teethers then make sure they are BPA free. You can also chill the teething toys for half an hour before giving them. 

  • Chewing on a toothbrush

You can allow your baby to chew on a toothbrush as it promotes dental health by introducing brush in her mouth. It also provides her gums a soothing massage.

Instead, you can also give a rubber gum massager that you can wear it in your fingers. This will provide her a nice massage as well as cleaning her mouth.

  • Cloves

Cloves are magical product containing essential oil which has warming and numbing properties. You can ground cloves and mix it with water, unsalted butter or edible coconut oil to make a paste. Keep that in the refrigerator to chill a little and then you can rub her gums with it. 

  • Chilled spoon

Chill a metal spoon in the refrigerator for few hours and then give her to chew it. Your baby will surely enjoy its hard texture.

  • Freeze a bottle or a washcloth

Let a damp washcloth freeze it for some time and then give her to chew for a soothing and numb sensation. You can also soak it in chamomile tea as it is a pain reliever.

Another method is to freeze her feeding bottle filled with water upside down. It will make the water frozen in the nipple. Allow your baby to chew that cold nipple.

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  • Mom’s finger

Your finger can provide immense relief to her pain if you massage gently over her gums. Make sure your hands are clean.

  • Breast feeding

If you are a breast feeding mom, then this can be a reliable method to give your baby some comfort.

  • Ginger

Ginger is a wonderful and effective teething pain reliever due to its anti-inflammatory properties. You can rub a piece of peeled ginger on her gums for 2-3 minutes to soothe the nerve endings.

  • Distraction 

Distractions for babies work like wonders. A warm water bath will help her to relax and get distracted from the discomfort. Bath time is always enjoyable for babies.

Teething is a normal process of growing up. Applying any of the above remedies is going to be beneficial for both mother and baby.

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